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    Needs buyer of leather products

    Dalip Kumar Wayfarer

      i am manufacturer of leather motobike jackets, suits ,glove and other leather accessories i am lookin for a buyers of my products please let me know how and where can i find

      worthy buyers?

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          Accountant Adventurer

          Dalip, your question is very broad. If it was this easy to find buyers then every body will be in business for themselves. You need network and market your product through various channels. You should set a budget aside for advertising and getting your business name and product known to people.


          Good luck.

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            freeads Adventurer


            the best things would be to try to sell them with paying $ for advertising, theres great sites out there that can sell your leather products for free, and once you do have enough money, then you can start thinking about advertising locally and maybe even open up a shop.

            are you from the UK.. theres a site out there called goodbuy, they let you sell anything for free, abit like gumtree, ebay or craigslist ...