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    Do you use Twitter as a marketing tool?

    Drachsi Scout

      Twitter provides a wonderful opportunity to market a product or service. Do you use Twitter effectly, and how do you use it? My Twitter account is Drachsi



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          Timely discussion , Drachsi!

          We've talked about using Facebook for our businesses , and what an effective tool it can be. I believeTwitter can be useful as well, but I think it requires more hands-on, constant updating to be effective.

          Where as on Facebook you can update your page and promote it then leave it for days, you'll be lost in the shuffle on Twitter if you don't stay on top the tweeting that is going on.

          What do you all think about Twitter?



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            chris1985 Tracker

            We have recently joined Twitter for our Bank but it is hard to show how it makes the bank money at this point. I see other banks like Wells Fargo have an account strictly for complaints but besides just tweeting out links and ads which nobody responds to anyways, I don't see how it helps at this time. I know on my personal account I just follow sports writers and local athletes, so maybe that is what most people use it for still, to follow celebrities and friends.

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              JResults Adventurer

              We absolutly use it, we also help our clients setup processes so they can take advantage of benifits Twitter has to offer.


              Most people are unaware of the feature to search for tweets within their own city.


              For example; a Realtor can find people looking to buy a house within a 10 mile radius of their area by using the advanced search feature.


              This lets them narrow their search within their city, they then will answer tweets of users asking or talking about buying a home in their city.

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                thirddd Scout

                Twitter is a great tool for certain businesses. It can help increase brand awareness, engage your current customers and bring in new customers through word-of-mouth. When used correctly, Twitter can be one of the most powerful tools available to market your business and build relationships with your customers. That's what social media is all about, engagement. Now, if you're just using your Twitter account to send out massive amounts of advertisements and constantly treat your followers like lumps of dirt, your Twitter marketing campaign isn't going to be very effective. Generating sales and creating repeat customers through social engagement are some of the easiest ways to justify starting a social media marketing campaign. If you do it right, Twitter marketing absolutely works.


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                  SMMInc Adventurer

                  Hey Drachsi,

                  Most of what people have said is pretty good info, ThirdSEO kind of nailed it. Twitter is a great way to engage current customers, bring in new customers and build relationships.  I really like twitter for customer support as well.

                  I have found that using some search techniques I can find people I think are in a target demographic and engage them.  I don't try and sell to them but just have every day conversations, they build a relationship with the business prior to having a need for their service but if they do need the service (or know someone who does) the business is top of their mind.

                  Building relationships on twitter is easy just be genuine and act real.

                  Dave - Twitter

                  My site- Rochester SEO

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                    Moderator Jim Ranger

                    Great posts so far, let's keep them coming!



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                      jessica_david Scout

                      yes i use twitter as a marketing tool..its give very good results if you do thing in wright way