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      Can someone tell me is that a great benfit tin useing a website for a Pest Control Service Business?
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          pureness Newbie
          I see many benefits in a website for your company. It gives great access to people looking for your particular field of work. Also you can ad testimonials, and offer your pricing which will save time and give great exposure. Your website will do the selling for you, and will make your business top notch. Advertise your website in a few newspapers, raido ads, local markets, and you will see a difference.

          GOOD LUCK.
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            GrowthCurve Adventurer
            Given how little a Web site costs to build and maintain these days, there's no argument to be made against setting one up for even the smallest of businesses.

            I can almost guarantee you that there are people in your service area typing "pest control (your city)," and if you're not listed in their search results, they are not going to find you.

            And that's the beauty of local can be pretty easy to rank very well on city-specific search terms, because most of your competition doesn't have a clue as to how to maximize their local Web presence.

            For a good primer on search engine optimization, I recommend the "...for Dummies" version.
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                LanceAntares Newbie

                As a web site provider, many of the comments already posted are quite accurate. A web site helps by providing exposure you didn't have before, can legitimize your business, particularly as forward-thinking. Many people today communicate by email and nothing screams "SMALL" more than a Yahoo, Gmail, or MSN account - or any non-commercial email account.

                Testimonials may be provided on the web site as well as some degree of business automation. If you've got forms that need to be filled out prior to visiting a client's home or business, you can put them on your web site for printing (saves you printing cost and time at visit) OR have the forms be able to be filled out online and go straight to a database that you can import into how you manage your clients.

                Many of my clients are smaller businesses - and the one thing a small business is ALWAYS trying to do is compete on an equivalent footing with the bigger businesses. A web site helps you do that as well as the perception of your business.

                If I can help, I do build web sites and provide services for small businesses.

                Good luck!
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                Peter63 Wayfarer
                A website is probably the most convenient way to promote and run your business; everything's done on you computer, except for stock-holding. There's plenty of scope for sub-contracting online too.
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                  amspcs Ranger
                  I think any business needs to market itself. Making a business succeed is hard work; it doesn't happen by accident and it doesn't happen by itself.

                  That said, I think a website is a necessary component of any marketing scheme. Certainly not the only component, and probably not the most important component. But something that, in this day and age, should absolutely be a part of your marketing 'recipe'.

                  I think the same holds true for all the other components of your marketing plan as well. Word-of-mouth advertising, mass media advertising, referral network marketing etc. etc. All necessary components of the overall marketing plan, none necessarily the most important cog in and of itself, but rather integral individual parts of the big picture.

                  Incidentally, in the past 60 days I had the need for a pest control supplier. I found a good one.locally....via the internet. Thought you'd like to know that.

                  Good luck to you. BTW If you need to set up credit card processing services (ecommerce or otherwise) please, drop us a line.

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                    intechspecial Ranger
                    Any company that is in business needs to establish a reputation. A strong reputation is built on evidence of your abilites.

                    So when someone that goes online all the time asks you.....What is your website address?

                    If you respond I do not have a website, the next question they ask will be to themselves, as suddenly you are potentially not a legitimate company.


                    As far as a pest control company is concerned, there is obviously a different level of need for a website than say an Information Technology company.


                    I read an article in the news the other day, how consumers utilize search engines for EVERYTHING. One of the main thing a consumer will use a search engine for, is to validate anything they hear about that they are not sure about.

                    So if your company's name is "Advanced Pest Control", they might do a search for Advanced Pest Control in a search engine. A ton of company's come up, none of which are yours, you are likely to loose a customer.

                    The bottom line I have found in business is this: Forever I must be self-analytical of my business processes, as well as the competitions processes. I must adhere to changes in my market and industry, and adjust accordingly. Society changes, and in sync with society, economy, and technology business changes as well.

                    Welcome to the community, and I wish you the best in your business ventures.


                    Michael Stratton,
                    Integrity Technology Specialists