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    All the paperwork and DONT know where to start PLEASE HELP!!!

    LatiaBa30 Newbie


      I'm looking to of course like everyone else who is on this website to start a small business or small online business and I need major HELP!! I've been on different websites offering free web design to free help on how to get started and I must admit after reading and trying to understand I'm still quite lost. I've even paid to have someone do all the paperwork research for me and when I received that package i was still lost. It comes down to not knowing which for to fill out for what? Then all the different tax filing..and so on and so forth...I was wondering is there anybody in this online community going through the same thing?? And how are you getting through it?I hate to ask so many questions but also which website do anyone recommend to host your small business?? because I've went on,, 1&1, Winx and all seem to have the same thing such get 6mnths free then pay x amount thereafter..Please Help and once again sorry for so many questions..