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    Crowdsourcing sites for your business

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      What have you crowdsourced lately? Nothing? Well, if you run a website and have embraced user-centricity then think again... perhaps you have conducted user testing? Well, that’s crowdsourcing – asking the crowd for feedback - and it beats a top-down policy of allowing your board to design the website


      1. Squadhelp - is an innovative platform which connects creative individuals from across the globe with savvy clients who need branding and marketing assistance for their businesses.

      Entrepreneurs and small businesses come here to crowdsource their marketing and branding projects to our talented and passionate community. Clients can simply start a contest to post what they need, when they need it and how much they want to pay. The types of activities you can crowdsource on Squadhelp:

      Company Names

      Taglines & Slogans

      Viral Marketing

      Viral Videos

      Website Testing

      Usability Testing

      Article Writing

      SEO Analysis

      Site Design

      Logos from


      2.  Chaordix - Spawned from now defunct crowdsourcing startup Cambrian House, Chaordix is an enterprise platform for people who want to engage the crowd via the web to “submit, discuss, refine and rank ideas or other contributions” in order figure out “the most-likely-to-succeed solutions”. A one-stop shop for businesses that want to feel the love of the crowd.


      3. Redesignme - This innovative website hooks up companies with creative thinkers to develop new product / service concepts. RedesignMe’s Design Critique section actively seeks out badly-designed products, which the community can rate. If the manufacturer is receptive, users are then invited to complete design challenges.