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    Reviews on contract manufacturers

    kydus Newbie

      I am looking at developing a energy shot that is a healthy alternative to energy drinks. I have been developing my formulation through research and self testing and I have designed packaging and marketing plans. I need to begin talking to contract manufacturers but I don't know where to start. Does anyone know where to start? I have heard good things about Nutricap Labs ( and they sound good but I wanted to price several differenet ones. Anyone have experience related to this?


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          While I don't personally know about making energy drink, I would say you are on the right track trying to find reviews for manufactures.  What I would suggest is try to talk to other people in the field (I don't know how many are on this forum) and see who they recommend and who they advise against.  Chances are people who have been around a while will know the good from the bad and be able to give advice on things you may not have thought of.


          Good luck, I hope you find what you need!