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    Matt Castro Adventurer

      Hi.  Well, just checking to see if the headline is an attention grabber.


      I started a discussion here a few days ago about Business Plans and Strategy.



      But, I wanted to get some thoughts on just the topic of "strategy".  Really looking at the challenges of building a strategy for a business.  Of determining where to take a business, how to grow, how to prioritize the activities/time/investments for a business that's already alive but needs a direction.


      When you sit down to outline your business strategy, what frustrates you?  What makes it difficult to start?  If it feels difficult, why?  What system/process/consulting have you tried that didn't work?


      Just looking to see if this part of business management is as challenging for you as I have experienced and seen others struggle with.



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          OfficeGoddess Navigator

          For me the biggest issue was creating the time to work through building both a business plan and strategy.  I ended up blocking out a few hours of time on my calendar every-other day for a week for these processes.  I started by making a list of where I wanted to go.  I revisited that a few days later, refined it, then started on how i was going to get there.  Again, a re-visit a few days later allowed me to fine-tune the process.  I also re-visit my plan and strategies every three months to adjust, refine, and add to them.  This has really worked well for me.

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              Matt Castro Adventurer

              @OfficeGoddess.  Love the handle.


              Lily, you make some good points.  I like the focus you took on this project and the starting point: "where I wanted to go".  This is a great point to start - the end in mind.  And adjustment and refinement is great.  I have found that there is often a "learning and adapting" circle built into strategy work.