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    Is my website good

    balloon decor Wayfarer

      I had made a new website . Can you look it up and tell me what you think. What i should change . is it easy to read. etc etc etc .We are A balloon decorating company and would like feed back from the people for the website is for the people to find what they are looking for . Any and all advice would be thankful. O  silly me I should give the website it is God bless and thank you for your time and help on this matter.

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          Taking a look at your website, it rather good.  The edges seem a little harsh but that's a matter of preference.  The one thing I would suggest is maybe trying to make a mobile version of the site?  It looks fine from my Droid X less then one third of cell phone users have smart phones.  Just something to think about.


          Good job though, good luck!



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            chris1985 Tracker

            Very good website. I would possibly put a contact email address right under the phone number at the top (like but everything else looks good. (And yes I know it's on your contact tab too)

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              cloudy Wayfarer

              The site's overall look is very good. The right navigation is really cool. The baloons at the left and right in the background seem to be very well arranged. Try having smaller baloons with some of your decorations like the heart shape of baloons. It should look like a view from far away so images would be small in this way you can scratter some of your great work in the background instead of just 3 to 4 simple baloons. The logo wording Making Memories can be given a baloon effect as well so it looks like the wording is written with baloons. If you do this then you won't need the simple red baloon with the woridng.

              Overall very good site and arranged nicely so customer can browse easily and find the required information.

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                  simon misiewicz Adventurer

                  Hi Balloon Decor


                  I liked the web page. Your product is fun and represented well on the website


                  The right navigation is really cool


                  I agree with Cloudy that the right hand side is cool with Facebook.


                  I would recommend that you put some Youtube Videos on the page to give it a lift. See our webpage for an example, albeit we are going through a complete makeover in March 2012.


                  Many thanks



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                  anthonydavis418 Adventurer

                  Very good website. Well arranged & navigation is also good. I second on contact email.  I would suggest adding your local territory that is your serving area at noticeable place. Visitor needs to search where you really serve. Overall it’s very neat & pleasant website.

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                    freeads Adventurer

                    very nice website, looks nicely made. you need to do alot of advertising now to make it famous, thats the hard part.