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    if my blog is on my website ?

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      If my graphic design blog is on my website and i put my graphic design blog on directories to get it to rank high with google, does this cause my

      actual graphic design website to increase in page rank as well ?

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          Ydeveloper Wayfarer

          Excellent. Make sure to post atleast once in a week. If more it will be better for the website connected to that blog. Write on about the services that your business is rendering and link them to the site where exactly that services located. This is best way to promote the site. The content should be unique and interesting.

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            So I'm trying to figure out do you mean your blog is "mywebsite.something/blog" or do you have a feed and the blog is on a different site?



            If your blog is part of your site, then I do believe it will raise your sites rank.  If your blog is a separate site, then the way I think it works is while it won't directly increase your page rank, your blogs page rank going up effects the sites it links to which would be your site.  So while it would increase it, not as much as if the blog was a part of the site.


            Hope this helps,



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              Drachsi Scout

              Not certain if I understand correctly but are you trying to load your Blog direct into a webpage? If you are, here is my working example at Hope this helps.



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                vnavguys Tracker

                I think the better question for you is to ask yourself if submitting your blog or site to directories is going to help your search engine rankings.  The answer is NO.  As i stated in another post, directory listings are so ten years ago and give no inbound link love that is relevant to search.  Most people think they are great because they are easy.  Easy sucks, to be blunt.  You have a blog, thats awesome, and it sounds like its a sub domain which is great.  That means the more you post to your blog the more pages you create, awesome.  Pages and links is the name of the game.  Google loves freshness, so keep posting and your rankings will increase over time.

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                  Emmy Pages Adventurer

                  Per my experience, yes, a backlink from a high rank website will promote your website





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                    bigcloudmedia Adventurer

                    It definitely does not hurt your ranking and will most likely increase your traffic site wide, especially if you cross link and feature posts from your blog on your website and vise versa. 

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                      The SEO Blitz Adventurer

                      It depends on, how you setup your blog on your website (subfolder or subdomain) ...


                      A URL structure ...

                      Folder: mywebsite.something/blog (Pass Page Rank to your website as well)

                      Subdomain: blog.mywebsite.something (Don't pass any Page Rank to your website)


                      But be carefull, like vnavguys already said, if you submit your website to a "bad/dodgy"

                      directory it will hurt your website more than it helps. Make sure you submit to directories

                      with editors, who may refuse listings ... (Check directories for good reputation and good

                      neighborhood first).

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                        Cyndee Poole Wayfarer

                        If your site is mostly comprised of images, and not much text, or a Flash site, a blog is the way to go. A blog within your web site really can draw visitors from the search engines. Especially if you use descriptive titles, and keyword rich content with informative information on the subject.

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                          maestro274 Adventurer

                          The blog is the place that allows you to show your knowledge and expertise and should a great job of driving people to your website.

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                            vnavguys Tracker

                            If i may digress on the original idea.  Directory listings are SO TEN YEARS AGO.  They will not help you or give you any boost in links or page rank.  They have no authority and are ignored or penalized by search engines.  You have the most amazing tool already, your blog.  Write good content that gives value to the reader.  That  means write stuff people want to read and you will be rewarded for it over time.  In those posts included a keyword rich anchor text link to a page in your regular site.  The original idea of directory listings was to get exactly that, a link with your keyword pointing to your site.  The trouble is the site that the links resides on(the directory) is just a page with a bunch of links.  Its not about your topic nor is it an authority about anything.  Your blog on the other hand should be different, it should be topical, which means it has a theme, a topic, something you are already talking about that people want to read.  This is where value comes in.  I always say what you post today will give you some love back in about three months, so be patient and write your blog posts for readers and participants, not robots.  If it were easy (directoires) than everyone would do it.  Easy never wins anything, easy is for rookies.  Hunker down and do what is hard, writing content that people want to read.  Leave the easy garbage SEO ideas for people that are lazy and dont want to read or learn anything.

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                                Drachsi Scout

                                This is a post that everybody should read. I try to post to my Blog with useful information and as an extra, have it load direct into a webpage so there 2 chances of being seen.


                                I guess you are right about the time scale, but it is not something business owners want to hear.





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                                Moderator Berta Guide

                                Have you gotten the answer you were looking for? Please update us on you website and blog rankings.