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    Technology Management for Small Business

    1Pointe Newbie
      1Pointe is a full-service technology services firm,
      specializing bringing enterprise policy, process and services to small and
      medium sized businesses. In particular, we focus on making the IT
      department a profit center.


      Our services include:


      Live online helpdesk with screen sharing

      Online Backup

      Secure remote connectivity

      Network monitoring

      IT security and auditing

      Device updating (patching)

      Policy and Process

      Licensing management

      Introduction of open source tools to optimize work-flow

      Email management


      General consulting

      Client login portal to quickly access all your technology
      related data


      In most cases, for companies between 5 and 75 employees,
      1Pointe will double your IT productivity while cutting costs in half.
      Larger companies benefit primarily from using one or more specific
      services and opposed to full IT outsourcing.

      For more information please visit