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    What do you think about this eBusiness site?

    Holly09 Wayfarer

      Please help!


      I'm about to launch my jewelry business online,  Will you help me critique the site? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated, Thank you!

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          Rainbowrite Adventurer

          Looks solid at first glance - the design's fast loading and the colors don't irritate the eyes. Some suggestions:


          • Your free shipping promotion should be much more prominent.


          • This is probably because you're still under construction, but some of the pictures link to broken URL's in your slideshow.


          • Your unique selling proposition should also be prominent. I learned it in the about us page, but by simply looking at the landing page, I don't see any reason why I should shop here beyond the prices. Low prices are good, but how would I know they're also of high quality? What kind of quality? Any guarantees?


          I've noticed you have zero copy for most of your jewelry. Again, I'm sure it's because you're not live yet, but this is a key area for you to utilize both copy that speaks and sells to your customer, as well as weave SEO keywords so you can get listed higher on Google. Unique descriptions are crucial, especially with the recent algorithm changes.


          This product does have copy, but it just lists features. Mentioning the benefits of owning such jewelry will speak volumes. For example, write that it'd be a great gift, or that it'd make a bold statement and a great ice breaker at your next get-together.


          Good luck with your business - running an eCommerce shop can be tough, but very lucrative and rewarding as well.

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            Looking at your site I agree with Jean, it looks quite nice.  The only thing I would change is the recently views section has a white background which could be a little hard on the eyes.  Other then that it looks fantastic!