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    E-Book Marketing?

    Mitanese Wayfarer

      Aside from the childrens book that I've written (which I want in print).

      How can I market an e-book?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Mita, Tell us more. Who are you,??  Where are you??


          Who is going to print the books?? You??

          Do you have a publisher??


          Go to "profile" and share some info.

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            I would suggest getting a facebook fan page for it, start by getting your friends to spread the word.  Also tweet about the book on your personal twitter.  The more you can get people on social media sites to see it, the more it will get spread around.  It does depend on what the book is about of course, but that would be my first suggestion.


            Good luck!



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              Moderator Jim Ranger

              You may also want to check They let you self publish in kindle format.





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                George Adventurer

                Selling ebooks and other digital products is really picking up traction on the internet. Here are a few places you can promote your book:


       - A marketplace for sellinf digital products and a great way for ebook authors to get exposure and setup affiliate programs.


       - Everything sold here is $5, but I've seen many people make quite a bit with ebooks


       - Like Jim said, Amazon is obviously making a big push for ebooks - I'd like out their site to see how you can list your product.


                Facebook Groups - Join and interract with groups similar to your topic (childrens books, motherhood, etc).


                Forums - This is a great way to exposure yourself as a subject matter expert and author


                Hope some of these help!


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                  Sophia_Myles Tracker
                  • Have a webpage for people to have a preview and download some charpters for free (or a charged download with full contents).
                  • Website banners
                  • SNS like Facebook & Twitter (intrduce both the book & author; socialize with the oublic)