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    Worried this person is scamming for money(Ohio)..

    unforgiven2 Wayfarer

      This person was once a friend, and I lived with them for a very short period of time. She claimed to be a "sanctuary for animals" but had nothing documenting her as a non-profit organization, etc. Her animals were very poorly treated, hardly fed, and never seen for medical care. Since I had left due to the sickening conditions, she has moved to a new home, with about 10 acres of land. She now has a Facebook page, stating that she is a non-profit "rescue"! She has 6 dogs, 2 rabbits, 2 turtles, gecko, 2 cats, 6 horses.. She is posting pictures of all of the "sanctuary animals", asking for people to sponsor them (give her so much money every month to take care of the said animal)- BUT- 1/2 of the animals she is posting are personal pets that she bought in the past, or that her other half has brought with her into the relationship. She also has no job, and no license, so I know she can NOT take care of these animals properly. I also know for a fact that not all of the money she gets goes to the animals (bar with friends, dinner with other half, etc). I was told to call the local HS there, and report her for animal abuse, but they'll just look at me like I'm crazy because she isnt abusing them- just making people give her money by making up sob stories about them..

      Could this person be reported to the IRS for tax evasion/fraud? What else can I do?

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          I would suggest that you contact the Ohio SPCA. Even if the animals, in their opinion, aren't being abused, they may be able to offer you contact information for the departments that handle the licensing for rescues. I did a little research on my own for you and Pet Rescue Non-profit licensing is indeed done through the IRS. Once the person is licensed, they then receive papers for their tax exempt status from the Ohio State Department of Taxation.



          This page contains a legal guide explaining how to form a not-for-profit in the state of Ohio so it might possibly provide links to entities that you could contact with regardz to who actually issues the licenses. I didn't get a chance to read completely through it so I will leave that up to you to do.



          I'm not sure how long it has been since you last spoke with this person or what "bad blood" there may be in your relationship and I would caution you on using this information for any purposes of harassment. I provided it purely on the basis that I am an animal lover and don't like to see animals being abused in any form, even it is as a ruse for fraud. In today's economy scammers prey on people's emotions and it's wrong. However, we need to make sure we have all of the facts before making reports and wasting time that could be better spent helping to solve real issues.



          All the best.



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              Thank you Moni. I am infact friends with Ohio SPCA, and I have talked with them already. I know for a fact that they have no paperwork/status/etc stating that they are non-profit 501c3

              I will certainly look into all the information you have given me! I am not looking to use anything for purposes of harassment, I am looking to use it to make sure these animals are not being used for money. I too am an animal lover, but I also know who she REALLY is. She has stolen money from people before, even when I lived with her- she is twisted.