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    Technology Rotation

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      Keeping up-to-date with the latest techology is an imperative for a lot of businesses but without the right financing it can wind up being an expensive proposition.

      The solution for many businesses is techology rotation lease. You can acquire name-brand techology from market leaders for less than you think.

      Uncertain about your future technology needs? A Fair Market Value Lease give you the opportunity to purchase all or some of the equipment at the end of the lease, turn the equipment over, or continue monthly rental.


      A Fair Market Value Lease can be used to cycle your equipment every 2-3 years, depending on your needs. One scenario is to replace half of the machines in year one on a two-year lease, and repeat the process the following year. Other scenarios include lease schedules as needed, monthly schedules, quarterly, or annually. Fair Market Value Leases allow businesses to stay on the cutting edge with minimal capital outlays.


      We are very competitive on rates and services. We routinely beat IBM, Dell and other name-brands and offer services where they fall down. You can incorporate additional costs such as training and installation in your lease.

      If you're interested in knowing more about a techology rotation lease for your business, please contact me. or call me at 888-498-8999 ext. 109