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    Report as inappropriate link

    xenopod Adventurer
      I think another option on the "Report as inappropriate" link should include reporting duplicate posts. It seems to be happening a lot more as of recently. Whether on purpose or accidental it does seem troublesome.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Report as inappropriate link, Yes I agree
          and we should post it TWICE.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Yes, I agree that it would be useful addition. More and more, when I click "Post Message" I receive a "System Error" and am knocked out of the community. When I sign back in, the post isn't there, which caused me to repost it the first two times it happened -- then the orginal one showed up later (sometimes they show up just minutes later, but in one case it was three days later -- and in another case, four identical versions of the same post appeared even though I only typed and submitted it once). In other words, I generally think the system causes the problem, not the people (when the post is exactly the same, and in the same thread). It would be nice to remove those redundant items without having the person take a hit for inappropriate content. Good suggestion.