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    Charged for email from my Accountant

    prestige21 Newbie

      I was charged $120 for 4-5 emails thta I sent to my accountant for 2006. I basically had a few questions about converting to an S-Corp. I refuse to pay him as he did not disclose there would be a charge for emails. He has since retired(out of business) and sold his customer base to a new accounting firm.
      I received another notice yesterday that he wants payment of $120 or it will be sent to a collection agency.
      What should I do?? Ignore him since he went out of business?? I dont want this to effect my credit.

        • Re: Charged for email from my Accountant
          LUCKIEST Guide
          21, DO NOT Ignore him since he went out of business. He will just sent the charge to a
          collection agency and in time they (the collect agency) will come after you and add interest.
          Call the Accountant and see if you and he can reach a fair dollar amount.
          Like maybe half. Before sending any money, get a note from the accountant that the
          agreed price is payment in FULL
          Good luck, LUCKIEST