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    Postcard mailers

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      How effective are post card mailers to attract potential clients for a freelance graphic designer like myself.  My thougths would be they are too expensive to design, then the cost of postage ?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          I agree with you that postcards are NOT the way to go if you are looking to attract clients.


          A Post cards is print only. No sound, No motion

          A Post card is mostly clutter and hard to hold customers attention

          A Post card perception is junk mail.

          And a Post card can be screened by assistants.

          And most times the Post card winds up in the circular file.


          And as you said, the cost is high.

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            For what you are advertising, I would also agree that postcards wouldn't work.  If you were a Real Estate agent or similar it might be useful but not for graphic design unless you found the perfect area to mail to.  That would be unlikely though.


            I would say advertising online is your best bet, good luck!



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                LUCKIEST Guide

                Paul, Advertising is advertising. No matter what your product.

                You never know what associations advertising your product will trigger.

                You need to understand your target market in as much depth as possible.

                Gather background information and put it into a framework that will help you understand your customers better.


                Wish you the best in this coming holiday season.

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                CorpCons08 Ranger

                I don't recommend post card advertising for most businesses.

                I definitely don't recommend it for freelance graphic designers.

                Freelance graphic designers should try working with freelance websites.

                There you can bid on jobs and pick up clients. That might be a good way to start spreading your name.





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                  orbital config Tracker

                  Kind of surprised to here this, and will take it in consideration, I do Graphic Design on the side also, really wanting to get more business and have it grow. I make post cards up every once in awhile and pass them out or have someone pass them out. The work is done by me-no expense, printing and shipping/uploaded design is just around 30.00 bucs for 100 of them, If I get one job out of it most likely I will repay shipping and have profit (assuming a 100.00 job, is about average for me) I have done this by handing someone it in a grocery store, and got a logo out of it + door knockers and cards. Maybe it was just my luck, In the past I got small computer repaire jobs doing this and it definatly payed off, but not steady. Yes shipping it out to area cods via the news pappers/mail boxes yes this gets to be very expensive.