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    starting a graphic design business

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      Because i am not an expert in marketing who would i have better sucess with targeting my graphic design marketing techniques too. Small business medium or large corporations.

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          chris1985 Tracker

          I have my Bachelor's in Marketing but I'm not a marketing expert by any means, but I would start local. Try calling a few small businesses and once you have built up your client base and have good examples/referrals, then target the larger companies. Best of luck!

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            CorpCons08 Ranger

            You always want to start with the smaller businesses to build up a portfolio.

            Once you have created a portfolio, you can then present to medium to large sized corporations.

            The larger businesses like to see a portfolio with lots of examples before they hire any firm to do their graphics.





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              Intravec Designs Adventurer

              For any startup graphic design business, you should start off with small businesses.. A good frame of thought is to target businesses in your area that may just be getting starting themselves. These type of businesses allow you to grow as they grow. As CorpCons08 replied.. A portfolio is a must once you target larger businesses. As bad as we graphic designers hate to say it, but if you want to get your foot in the door, some free work will be a necessity. For free work, I always target churches or non profit organizations.


              With every job you do, ask them to write you a short reference sheet describing their experience working with you. What people say goes a long way.


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                CompGeek102 Newbie

                No matter what type of small business you want to start, you should always make sure you are prepared for everything. Far too many small businesses fail in the first year because they failed to plan for every possible situation. The more education you have, the better off you will be. If you think you may need some more school before you start your business, check out my website to find the best graphic design program for you.