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    Business financing question

    Nathan Adventurer

      I have been trying to get finances for seven weeks and have either been scammed or told they couldnt take a chance. Ive located and arranged show room products with my distributors and locked in a office location .  My company is incorporated and I already have my tax I.d.


      I am a 25 year old passionate individual that is looking for help to jump  to take my business to the next level.  I love advice and believe it is a must in life. I have high integrity and would really appreciate a chance to succeed and let my dreams take me on the path I have been striving for forever. I must be honest I had a rough patch a few years back and didn't care about anything in life and took everyday for granted, but it took me going through that to have the outlook I have today.  The business I operate is called Alton Innovations. I want to bring energy efficency to our homes and businesses, not only to help your energy bills and your wallet but also to help our communities and nation and its natural resources as a whole. I dont want to just be mediocore, but I want to franchise out and change the way people think and feel about energy. I understand this forum probably hears from individuals like myself constantly, but that is incorrect. My passion, creativity, integrity and motivation is unmatched. I want to change peoples life, bring jobs to the United States and bring designed products and ideas to the table that will change the way we live as a society. In todays world it seems people have lost track of the importance of conserving energy, and most think if they pay some small company to come update a few windows and doors that they are automatically saving energy and weatherized. By 2014 energy efficency will be a major United States industry. Energy usage will never die and the majority of the consumers in our country are not opposed to saving thousands a year because they have innovated (to refresh or renew) their house or business with Alton Innovations.


      I hope this gives you a better idea, energy efficency in the United States is getting ready to blow up and be a multi-billion dollar industry. I have investors, but I am trying to be the biggest and best at what I can provide and I am also trying to take it nationwide to worldwide.


      I have been in residential and commercial construction for four years, and have a bachelors degree in Project Management.  How do you get a loan if you can't obtain it the conventional way?  Should I apply to a company for further experience and put my dreams and goals on the back burner?  I live in Missouri and would grately appreciate any advice.


      Thank you in advance