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    With the low cost of entry, unlimited earning potential, and tax advantages, why wouldn't you start a home based business?

    danw524 Adventurer

      I am just curious to get some feedback on this question?


      Here are the advantages to a network marketing business as I see it:

      1. Low cost of entry

      2. No paperwork, no legal exposure, no inventory, no employees, no geographical limitations

      3, Unlimited earning potential

      4. Global business potential (if you are in the right company)

      5. Great products (if you are in the right company)

      6. A great team of people who want to help you (if you are in the right company)

      7. Personal Development

      8. Duplicatible Systems


      Here are the disadvantages as I see it:

      1. None


      I see people all the time looking to start brick and mortar businesses, but the risk is immense and so is the failure rate. With our world transforming from the industrial age to the information age, why are people still taking these risks? Why are people so down on network marketing?