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    Looking for Affordable Worker Compensation and Liability Insurance

    ocacc11 Newbie

      Hi any suggestion on what companies can i get a quote for affordable workers compensation and liability insurance without going through a broker.

      My company is a newly established in-home support fro elderly.


      Hope anyone can point me to the direction of an insurance company i can afford.

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          Hi ocacc, This is a great question. I don't think there are any answers to your question that are set in concrete. I would like to know more details myself.

          You say your company is in-home support for the elderly. That's a real up and coming vocation, with the population aging at a rate never before seen. I would suppose the insurance needed will depend on the type of work done. Are you cleaning houses ? Helping with finances? Helping with health care?

          What kind of searches have you already done , while looking for insurance companies?


          Looking forward to hearing more!



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            CorpCons08 Ranger

            A great place to look into is Wells Fargo or other larger commercial banks. They benefit to going through them is that they give you quotes from several insurance companies so thta you can compare quotes and benefits and decide which one best meets your needs. This will save you time and effort of having to request multiple quotes from companies yourself or asking a broker to do the leg work and paying their commissions or brokerage fees.





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              evamelendez Newbie

              The best place to find the least expensive insurance is to find a good independent insurance agent.  They can shop all the different companies for you.  I know you said you didnt want a broker and I dont know if you meant you didnt want to go thru an agent.  There is some misconception that if you go thru an indpendent agent you are paying extra fees for this service.  The fact is that whether you go thru someone like a Wells Fargo like someone suggested earlier or thru and independent there are going to be processing fees (thats how those licensed agents who you talk to at Wells Fargo get paid too).  The difference is that an independent agent is the closest you will get to getting an unbiased perspective on the best insurance at the best price for your needs.  An indpendent agent's goal is to keep you as a lifetime customer and continue to shop around for the best coverage at the best price without having alliances to certain insurance companies.

              Just my opinion (of course I am an independent insurance I could be a little biased in this opinion).

              Thanks for letting me put my 2 cents in on this topic,