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    How to Say Thank You for a Referral

    Buffalo Adventurer
      We just received a big order from a referral. We like to express our gratitude to the woman who gave us the referral. And of course have her keep us in mind for other referrals.
      We were thinking of a thank you card with money in it. Or perhaps a gift certificate for a restaurant or something.
      How do you all reward referrals?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Buffalo, How to Say Thank You for a Referral Easy. Comp ticks to the Super Bowl.
          Well it wasnt that big an order and time is short.
          O K PLEASE DO NOT send money. A gift Cert to a GOOD restaurant is a start.
          Other ideas
          • gift card
          • Coupon for 10-20% off next purchase
          Small token gift that is something you sell already which you know they can
          • One month free ( such as a gym)
          • Offering a discount back to your business can be the most economical form \\ of compensation in that it encourages repeat business and only costs you \\ your margin. Also, because these discounts are going to your best customers, \\ they are likely to spend in excess of the face value or at a dollar level \\ that makes it a profitable or meaningful transaction for you.
          A best practice for a new customer
          that is referred to your business is to offer them
          a discount or deal that is equal to or better than any other current promotion.

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            DomainDiva Ranger
            No Money...send flowers...that what I do as a woman for other women that have helped me out. Women remember flowers.
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              It depends on if the referral came from an individual client who does business with us on that basis, or from an person who does business with us as a manager or employee of a client firm. For the first, I like to use restaurant gift cards -- something the person can enjoy with his or her family, sent with a personal thank you note.

              The situation is trickier in the second case, because it could have the appearance of a "kickback." In those cases, I generally contact the individual first to see if his or her company policy even permits managers and employees to accept gifts from vendors/suppliers (most larger firms do not). If it's permitted, then I'll explain to the person that I'd like to show my appreciation for the referral, and ask if he/she would allow me to send a restaurant gift card as a thank you gesture. If so, I send it with a thank you note. I also contact the manager who "signs the check" or approves doing business with us (if it's someone different) to thank him/her for the referral and to offer a discount or free shipping or whatever is appropriate on the next purchase.

              If the referring client's company policy doesn't allow me to offer anything tangible to the manager/employee who made the referral, I still send thank you notes and offer the discount.
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                Y Golf Wayfarer
                Hello Buffalo. I agree with DomainDiva with flowers. Not just any flower arrangement but put some thought into the arrangement. Make sure that you give the florist who will deliver, a hand written thank you card to accompany the flowers. Pay attention to the details and the client will keep the referrals coming.
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                  CEO Space Scout

                  When it is business related, I would want something of value in a business sense.

                  I would want a credit on account or something of value for the business and just a thank you note OR

                  If I referred someone to you and I am not a client also, I want cash or cash equivalent (visa cash card).

                  I would NOT want flowers or a certificate to a restaurant as I might not like the same restaurants you do.

                  As a matter of fact, if a business person sent me flowers for a referral I would think,
                  "what the heck is this???"




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                    Humble Pie Wayfarer

                    It seems sometimes we all never "have time" to do something for our customers who could be getting us our next referral or sale. I recently decided to make sure that every customer gets thanked. On a weekly basis, depending on jobs recently finished, I send company Thank You cards. I make sure I hand write the cards because it makes it more personal and shows aprreciation. Depending on the sale, I also send a Mobil gas gift cards, because everyone could go for some free gas. I got some nice responses from customers and I'm sure over time it'll pay off in future qualified leads.
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                      amspcs Ranger
                      I concur with CEO space. When in a business environment, keep it business-like. Flowers may or may not
                      have connotations other than business--depending on the person and particular situation of course.

                      Starbucks and restaurant gift cards can be useful and appropriate, BUT you have to know the person--some
                      people don't like Starbucks, Chilis, Appleby's or whatever. Who wants a gift to a place they don't like?

                      The BEST referral thank you is to return the favor and refer someone to the referrer--now you've made a REAL friend and business partner. It should also be said that a sincere timely thank-you telehone call is always appropriate.

                      Here's another thank-you idea I've had success with. If you share a chamber of commerce or
                      leads group or some other organization membership with the referrer, a public thank you is usually very well received.

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                        BldgCapital Newbie
                        Nothing like referral business... You were not specific on weather this was from an internal source (employee or consultant) or weather it was from an outside source. If this was from an outside source I would strongly advise staying away from cash. You can give her a monetary amount without it being cash. I would recomend depending on your relationship with the person flowers, tickets to a show, or your restaurant gift certificate idea was great along as you send her and her guest to some where you think they would not go often. There is a fine line between compensation and gift giving and it sounds like in this case you want to give a gift and not compensate the person for their work.

                        Congratulations on your big deal and a gift will definitely keep your company in her mind the next time she is in the position to refer your type of product or service.
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                          growbabygrow Newbie

                          We always send a box of Godiva chocolate for referrals. Our clients are HAPPY to refer us!
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                            onpurpose Adventurer
                            Do a little homework. Find what she likes. Surprise her.

                            Be On-Purpose!

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                              jkatwal Newbie
                              www.sagarinfotech .com