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    Bringing In more customers?

    Logodude Wayfarer

      I want to bring in more customers to my site and I want o know how I can go about achieving this free or at a low cost?

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          Sonali Newbie

          1) To get more traffic to your website, you will have to submit url of your website to the open directory.. it helps in giving your website url to all the search engines.

          2) Promote your website at as many websites as possible.

          3) Search engines love the sites which are linked in more websites.. so ask your friends to link your website to their website. It will definitely help your ranking and unique visitors.

          For detailed articles you can check out at an excellent resource --

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            Try SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to gain ranking in the major search engines so that your site comes up near the top of search engines for those searching your type of product or service. Back-linking, online marketing, blogging, joining related business forums and networking with the other members and/or starting joint ventures with related sites to exchange advertisements are all options as well. Submit articles about your products and services to article sites. Lastly, of course, is utilizing social media such as FaceBook & Twitter etc. These are the things that come to mind first.



            I am sure other community members will come up with even more ideas!


            Best of luck to you!



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              kann Adventurer

              Have you tried using MyVideoTalk yet?

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                Rainbowrite Adventurer

                More traffic and customers? Sounds simple in context, but it can be difficult in execution. The simple answers are to use social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. All are free. In Twitter, follow popular people who are interested in the stuff you sell. For example, if you're selling makeup, follow popular beauty bloggers and makeup fans. (You can find said fans by looking at the comments in these blogs. Most people list their own websites or Twitters.) Interact with them, maybe even offer a few to review your product on their blog for exposure.



                Another thing you can do is write articles targeting your market in your niche. So, taking the beauty example, you'd write articles consulting or giving women advice on how to properly apply makeup, maybe some new tips or looks for the holidays, or what ingredients to look out for. The latter is especially easy to do if you're in the organic market.



                Starting your own company blog is another good idea. By outputting lots of good information for free, you gain a reputation of authority in your niche. Your customers and new visitors come to respect you, and you gain credibility. Word of mouth's very powerful.



                Of course, you should also utilize SEO techniques in your copy. Ranking higher in Google, especially with their recent algorithm changes emphasizing unique content, is easier than ever to take advantage of. Never use the manufacturer's description - always rewrite or write your own. Stress on the benefits, and list the features in bullet points. Include important specifications  if necessary, such as ingredients (again, using the beauty product example). Figure out which keywords you want to rank in Google (and Yahoo and Bing) for, and weave them into your copy without being too redundant. Doing this right will you rank higher, which in turn will catch new customers' attention when they search. You can write them for free, but if time is of the essence (or you don't consider yourself a good writer), investing in a copywriter who specializes in writing compelling copy geard to sell is a smart investment that can pay itself many times over.



                There's a lot more you can do, such as registering and being an active member in forums geared towards your target audience, networking in-person, or getting a good press release out announcing your business.

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                  Moderator Jim Ranger

                  Great responses so far, keep 'em coming!



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                    barbusiness Wayfarer

                    If you're not on YouTube yet, you need to be. This is a perfect free way to promote your clothing line at minimal cost.


                    I know of several businesses that use YouTube as their primary way to generate web traffic.


                    Do a search about YouTube marketing on google.


                    Hope this help.




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                      Sophia_Myles Tracker

                      Try to get your website known through SNS, such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc.. Make "friends" and interact with them. They can halp spread word out.

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                        Spark-Local, Inc Adventurer

                        I am going to echo with the others and express blogging and videos.  Looking at your site, great apparal but, I would have like to hear some stories or maybe some videos being sent in by your customers.  That would be pretty cool.  Just an idea.

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                          Moderator Berta Guide

                          How's your marketing going? Have you reached more customers?  Did you get some helpful information here?



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                            jessica_david Scout


                            There are many ways through which you can increase traffic on your site, some are free while some will cost you money.

                            -Submit link of your website to search engines. (as many as possible).

                            -Submit the link of your website to open directiry.

                            -Check your website for the broken links there shouldn't be any broken link in it, go for back links.

                            -visit online discussion forums and post responces to people's question and at the end of the post you may post the link of your website.

                            -Start your poown online community.

                            -Use social media sites.

                            Above mentioned are some of the ways to increase traffic on your website, hope this will help you.

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                              PortableIncome Adventurer

                              Giving away something for free is always a great way to bring in new customers. Some companies give away free product and some give away a free ebook. The choice depends on what you are selling. The company I work with gives away something for free. I truly hope this advice helps you.


                              My best to you,  Andrew