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    I am having problems with the conversion rate of my online store

    bodymo Wayfarer

      Hello All,

                  I started an online clothing store for women back in August of 2011. The store focuses primarily in the retail of dresses, more specifically, club dresses for women. Since I launched the site, I have gotten 5000 visitors with a bounce rate of about 33%, page views of 24000, average time on site  is two minutes, but I have only made 4 SALES. Can someone please help me out; give me a few pointers and tell me what I am doing wrong, or what I am not doing right.

      The site URL is



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          Something to keep in mind is not all of those 5000 visitors are people.  Every day you have search engines sending spiders to map your site.  You also have spammers and spam bots who go to all and any site to find places to post.  You basically need to find a way to advertise more to get more real people to your site who are looking to buy something.


          Hope this helps some,


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            gjf03c Newbie

            Hey Bodymo,


            I had the chance to check out your website and I don't see any serious red flags that would cause people to not buy your products.  Google PPC is like cancer.  It can eat up your advertising budget quickly.  It's best to research Google Adwords and become an expert before pursuing a campaign.  Keep in mind that a even a great Google Adwords campaign will only convert 5-10% sales when it comes to retail.  Heck, our best month with Adwords was a 2% conversion. 


            Clothing is a hard online business to do with all the competition, but not impossible.  I would utilize social networks and email lists.  You can also use free and paid press release websites such as and to inform the masses of your specials or promotions.  There are so many ways to drive traffic than PPC. 

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              beautyprinter Wayfarer

              Hi bodymo

              Be sure that your google ads are directed to US buyers or you may be getting users that dont really want to buy but just want to browse to see what others in the US are selling. Don't forget that to europeans the words body and mo has a sexual implication so you may be tracking the wrong client especially with sex in the keywords. Try to define location settings on google for where you think your market is. make the keywords appeal to your target customer more precisely like teen boutique or summer dress or dance wear. Your products look great, you aren't reaching the right audience yet. Payment methods for security and ease of use should include paypal also I think.

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                vnavguys Tracker

                You have to look at things on your item pages that control conversion.  Anyone can sell a bunch of products.  I could clone your site in minutes and compete with you directly IF i had your products to ship out.  So if i had a PPC budget the same as yours, who would win the sale if our sites were identical???  The answer is neither of us and here is why.  You are missing the golden rule of selling your products.  You have no product descriptions for your dresses?   This is huge and crucial for both your customers and for google.  First as a women i would want to know why i should buy this product.  Your job as a seller is to write a product description that is unique and NOT duplicate content.  Tell your customers why they should purchase this dress.  Lands end should be your model of convincing text, they tell a story and so should you. Imitate, imitate imitate, it works.   I can gurantee that if you take the time to write detailed and fun descriptions to your products you will increase your conversions immensly.  You will also rank organically over time which will reduce your reliance on ppc.  If you are overwhelmed with writing all this copy, consider hiring it out, it will be the best money you spend.


                Best regards



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                  Darren Hughes Adventurer

                  Yeah, it sounds like your AdWords campaigns are not working for you. For fashion e-Commerce clients that I have done work for, we were getting conversion rates of over 3% from paid search - double that during sales promotions. If my calculations are correct, your conversion rate is barely over 0.1%.


                  If I were you, I would look well beyond just driving traffic to the website. I would look at PR opportunities, and the advantages of what social media can bring. Awareness is only one element of marketing; others are trust, loyalty and engagement. Trust and loyalty are crucial for relatively unknown brands - especially in fashion, where you cannot offer the visitor a tangible experience.


                  Everything needs to be connected - Google AdWords is great when used correctly, but is not as effective if used in isolation.


                  Feel free to contact me if you would like some more advice.



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                    jennie23 Adventurer

                    Conversion is a major concern in any business. Only few techniques can't drive traffic on your website because traffic is compulsory on website for better conversion. I recommend you to promote your website using SEO and PPC techniques and add live chat on your website to convince your customers/website visitors. SEO technique will help you to bring customers on your store and live chat help you to convert website visitors into customers.


                    Try a Live2support on your website because it is free for 15 days and after 15 days they will charge $9.99/Month.


                    Good luck.