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    Site redesign review request

    Burminsky Wayfarer



      On this week we redesigned our site ( and would like to know your opinion about it. Is there anything you don't like, or maybe you have some advises?

      On the main page there is an emphasis on our office room picture where after pressing the red button new elements will appear. What do you think of it? Maybe it would be better to remove this picture, or just remove the button? Any critiques will be helpful.



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          ChristiN Wayfarer

          Hi Burminsky,


          Took a look at your site, nice fairly clean design. Not sure what the point of the button really is (doesn't really add anything to yoru message) and I probably wouldn't have known to click on it if you hadn't mentioned it in your post here. I would recommend removing the button, yes it's cute but you want to make sure people understand your message.


          Also typo under Our projects (bottom left of home page): "easyto-use product" should be "easy to use product"


          Hope this helps!

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            cloudy Wayfarer

            Simple and elegant design for the site. The content is organized and its easy to navigate through to find the desired information. Love the staff image on the right hand side of the homepage that is coooool

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              I think the site looks good, quite well done in fact.  I don't see anything wrong with the photo although it reminds me of an old computer game called business tycoon. 


              Good luck with your business!