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    What basic software should I use to start a used car lot?

    amizonlori Wayfarer

      Opening a used car lot in Minnesota.  We're going to be small, about 15 cars, tops.  Utilizing hwy frontage alongside an auto body repair shop.  I'm getting overwhelmed with software choices.  I need cheap, but efficient.  I want to use it to explode a vin, enter customer data and have it fill in my sales forms, if possible, with calculations.  Would be nice to get auto values, would be nice to have some lender platform, and I'd like to post to Craig's List and Ebay motors, to name a few.  I'm not sure if I'm asking for Lexus and want to pay for a Kia!    I've looked at Finance Express, AutoRaptor, Frazer, Lot Wizard...  I need something to get started; any, and all, advice/recommendations are welcome!