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    Need help finding start-up financing

    sharmie Newbie

      15 years ago I owned 2 very successful small businesses.  Unfortunately a family member who I hired to be my accountant embezzled over $60,000 from me before I knew it.  At the time of the investigation, this family member died and had no estate.  I never recovered the money.  In the meantime one of my children got in some legal trouble and I was soon overextended.  I ended up having to file personal bakruptcy and sold one of my businesses and closed the other.  I then went to work for a large comany and then was caught up in a massive layoff and lost my job 5 yrs ago.  I have struggled to find work since then and have lost everything. I have gone through my 401 K trying to survive without work.


      I have written a business plan for an upscale consignment boutique.  It will feature designer women's clothing as well as unique furniture and decorative accessories.  I will offer new merchandise as well.  I have a background in clothing sales and interior design.  I will be locating the business in an upscale shopping area in the area of town where I grew up.  I know many people in the area who would support the business.  My research and surveys reveal that this is a business that is needed in the area.


      My parents have passed on and I have no other family members to borrow from.  None of my friends are in the position to loan me start-up money.  I filed bankruptcy 10 years ago. I am currently behind in on my debts due to the fact that I have not worked steadily for the past 5 years.  What can I do to obtain financing?  I have no collateral as I lost my home in the bankruptcy.  I cannot raise all of the money myself, but could probably raise $5000.  My capital requirements ar about $25000.  Any suggestions?  I have searched the internet for months.  Please help!