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      How do I  get traffic to my site?  Some one suggested to find reliable  help but the site seems to be broken.

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          Try SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to gain ranking in the major search engines so that your site comes up near the top of search engines for those searching your type of product or service. Back-linking, online marketing, blogging, joining related business forums and networking with the other members and/or starting joint ventures with related sites to exchange advertisements are all options as well. Submit articles about your products and services to article sites. Lastly, of course, is utilizing social media such as FaceBook & Twitter etc. These are the things that come to mind first.



          I am sure other community members will come up with even more ideas!


          Best of luck to you!



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            There are tons of ways to get traffic to your website... MoniE hit on all the ways in her post above, and I'd just add that its important to regularly work on improving all of the solutions she mentioned to get traffic... for example, doing SEO once on your website won't guarantee traffic, but doing inital SEO to your website followed up with regular updates to your blog over time will improve your rankings and get you more traffic.


            If you want instant traffic, there's no better way than pay-per-click advertisting. Google AdWords or Facebook's Ads can give you good traffic from a focused demographic.


            Good luck!


            Best Wishes,


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              SEO is the most effective way, as consumers "Google" just about everything they're lookin for - and you want to be found. Social Media is right behind. It all depends on your target market, as SEO and Social Media help you connect with your potential customers.



              What's your niche?

              What keywords will you target? Local?


              Social Media

              Are there Facebook Groups you can join?

              Are there Forums you can join?




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                  Never consider any Search Engine Optimization Company. Its better to spend same money in Google PPC or Google places. The rule is simple...if there will be any SEO company having potential of promoting website rankings , they will be doing some business either themself or in partnership. Also if you receive any email from SEO company that they can bring you on first page...asking them 2 things. 1) Why they are not on first page thsemself for keyword "SEO company"  and 2) If they really can do SEO, why did they feel the need to spam you. I mean they should have been already busy through internet search calls.

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                  Some of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website are to create high quality content and submit the content to either article directories or start a blog that uses the content you've created. Make sure you include a link back to your site in any articles that you submit to directories, and if you end up going the blog route, make sure your pages are optimized and have social bookmarking options. If you have the money, paid press releases are another great way to drive traffic to your site and increase the number of high quality backlinks pointing to your site. If you have plenty of time, search engine optimization and marketing would be the best route for long-term results and targeted traffic.


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                    vnavguys Tracker

                    This is the GOLDEN question...traffic is life.  Traffic is sales, traffic is key.  If you do not have it, you will be frustrated and give up on your website. 


                    I have three golden rules for you to apply if you like...


                    1.  Most people that have traffic advice have no idea what they are talking about.  Why?  Because chances are they are not in the same demographic your site is in and most do not understand what truely works.


                    2.  You have to become an authority on "(insert your subject here)"  Good content is the key to life.  Someone else replied this as well.  Get a blog and write about your industry, not your product or your website.  No one likes promotion, give content that HELPS someone.  Helpers are authoratative and google loves authority.  Control your own link destinations on your blog.


                    3.  Anything you do today, you will get the benefit from in 3 months from now.


                    Here is some freebies that I am sure everyone will argue with: (but its true)

                    • Social bookmarks are out,,,they are not links and people have abused them to death, Google panda update
                    • Article directories are out....same reason
                    • directory listings are so ten years ago, anyone that mentions that, has no idea what they are talking about.
                    • You cannot get a link from a You tube video, videos are for call of action, you can only get ONE link from your youtube channel
                    • Google wants social activity, that means you have to be a giver on facebook and Google +, start a facebook page in your industry and start a discussion that is not self promotion,  Google wants to see the activity.  Same thing for Google plus,,activity is key, put friends in your circle and......interact.  Google panda update
                    • Figure out what your target demographic wants and needs.  If its men, forget about social,,,men are not social,  Women are and they love to interact via groups and facebook pages.  Remember to solve peoples problems.  Use your blog,,,,its the best thing going and you have control over your own destiny.

                    I hope that helps..