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    Photographer looking for some business advice.

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      First of all, I'd just like to say hello to all of those that take the time to read this.


      I am currently a photographer/digital designer with more and more paying jobs by the minute it seems, but not enough to make it a full time job, as well as a pharmacy technician student (no current loans).  I'm looking at officially registering my business here within the next few weeks as well out of pocket.  My main questions are if there is any suggestions for grants/loans for my photography business.  Currently I have enough equipment to function, but I am always striving to be better at what I do, and I want to provide the best quality that I possibly can. 


      To finalize my equipment (I'm already around $6000 out of pocket) I'd need to accrue grants/loans up to the amount of $10000.  I don't plan on needing it in the very near future, as I plan to wait on the releases of the latest Nikon camera bodies, although I could use a 70-200mm f2.8 nikkor lens for some upcoming shoots.  As far as a studio goes, I run one out of my home, and have access to another for 100 dollars a month split with some other business associates that we partner up for weddings with.


      My main issue is that I've dumped the majority of my liquid assets without risking my personal comfort funding my passion. While it is just starting to pay itself off it leaves me with minimal equity.  I have a couple cars that combined aren't worth all that much, probably $7000 or so, as well as possible co-signers, my parents which I don't want to involve. 


      Honestly I have everything I need to make the business work, we do all our design work ourselves and partner with some of the best print shops in the country, we rent a server, do web design, so our actual costs at this point are minimal.  We pay out roughly 200 a month on server dues, and that is our only major cost.  Most anything and everything we do ourselves, but our camera equipment is holding our potential back.


      That being said, I wanted to acquire these grants and loans in my name, and not risk my partner financially.  Is there any way I can attain these assets in my name, and if so what type of loan/duration/percentage would I be looking at?  Would my best bet be to go with an angel investor?


      All in all, I was hoping to have at least the new lens(es) by next years bridal show, so the demand for money isn't great currently.  Any opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated.  It seems like I'm headed in the right direction, but I admit that even though I was a business major for a bit, I find the loan/grant process a bit daunting.


      If you would like to talk more in depth, or visit our websites/check out our portfolio please send me a message.


      Thank you for your time,




      Note; I am 25, and male from a city with a population for 17000, with numerous small cities surrounding it.  I live 90 miles from the nearest major city.  I currently have 2 weddings, 3 modeling shoots, about 7 family portraits lined up, and possibly a contract for sports at schools and parks and rec.  This is my passion, and I'd like to make it my full time job.  Thank you again.

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          Dependent upon your credit score and your ability to secure a credit card or personal line of credit in your name, for such a low amount, that will probably be your best way to go.  Preferably, if the business doesn't have credit in its name, you may wish to start building business credit and this could be a good way to do so. Also, is it possible for you to purchase the camera bodies and lenses by financing through the store or company you are purchasing from? If not, what about trying a leasing company and leasing the equipment instead until you have secured enough cash reserves to purchase the equipment outright? An "angel investor" is also another option if you have maxed out your personal equity and cannot get a business line of credit started but again, for such a minimal amount, I would look towards friends or family who would be willing and able to invest short term in helping you get the business off the ground.




          Grants are going to be difficult to find. There really isn't as much out there as people think and obtaining one is not an easy process. However, you can check out the SBA's website for more information on grants and loans. Perhaps something there will help you with your question also.



          Best of luck to you in your endeavours! I also love photography ... it's a hobby of mine. I love capturing things that others might miss and showing people things from new and different perspectives.