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    Export trading.

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      I need help to raise capital to start an export business. i want to export used noritsu minilab to africa for the development of photographic negative and transfer in to fine photo prints as you may wish to know the digital photoprint is not in use in africa. it is in high demand, this machines cost a little less here in the USA and it can be sold for double the amount invested on one minilab this is a very viable business and the return is outstanding, also selling used cars is a very profitable line of investment iam read to tabulate how the returns will be generated fom the investment cost to the returns.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Export trading, Welcome to this web site. Tell us more. Who are you?? and what is "noritsu
          minilab"?? How much capital?? and when do you plan on returning the capital??
          Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan??
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              tradewise Newbie
              I am a young African from Nigeria and i am in the law enforcement job here in the USA i feel boxed in so that i why i wanted to expand my horizons and iam sure ia in the right place. Noritsu is the maker of this computer equipment called the minilab it is like a dark room technology used in the production of fine photo prints. these markets sells it self, there is an already established market for this products and for the cars the market is booming. if you compare the amount invested on a car to the amount it will be sold for yes that is some good return on money invested.
              These 2 products i can re-affirm are very sellable. I will need 50,000 as my start up capital it includes the purchasing of the the minilab, boxing and shipping and for the cars it will also cover shipping expenses and the clearing cost for the shipment at theport of destination. and withing 10 months i will return the capital . i hope to get some help .
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                  CorpCons08 Ranger

                  As a small business consulting firm, I typically stay away from import/export businesses because of the lack of information the business is willing to provide to myself and the lender to make us comfortable with the deal. I have read your post however and am interested in seeing if we can get you the financing you need. If you have not found a solution already, please copy your original message on here and email me at and we will discuss this further.

                  Best wishes,