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    Help In The Fashion/Retail World

    lucymari87 Newbie



      Basically I am a fashion designer who has a design that I want sold in footlocker does any1 have any advice on how I could go about getting this done? And the right ways about it? Do I need to be trademarked? In order to sell mass's of my stuff to the company how can I protect my design so that if I am rejected they don't reused design etc etc

      Pls serious responses some questions mite be DUH questions but I need help and advise thank you


      i also wanted to know...


      i have a hat design that i wanted to get produced by nu era

      how would i go about this? how would i approach them? what would be the best thing for me to say

      how would the money aspect of things work etc etc i want my hats to be produced and sold as a nu era hat but i want my design to all be under my clothing line name if tha makes sense? because the design on the hat is basically my logo