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    Business Ideas

    Drreety Wayfarer

      To my knowledge there is only one company here that does powdercoating, but the startup cost will be very high. I would like something I could start small then invest all my profit into growing. As far as the faux rock goes, no one within 150 miles produces here. I know little about the process but it sounds interesting and I could start very small and cheap. If anyone has more info on either of these options please inform me. I also would like to hear any other opportunities as well. Thanks


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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome. Tell us more about yourself and where you are located.

          You state "I know little about the process but it sounds interesting".

          If you want to go into business, one of the keys to success is to know both yourself and the product.

          Before you start a business, ask yourself if you have the characteristics and strengths to start that business.


          Good luck

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            bhardwaj Newbie

            I am too looking for some business advice. Actually i've heard allot about internet online business and just wanna be do kinda one by making a web portal. But i am confuse, how should i startup with small invest and high grow. I belongs to india and i hope you've some great recommendation for me.    

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              Kipasa Newbie

              Thanks for the information mate.