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    How do you get traffic to a new site?

    Andy Newbie

      I have a site called which is a classifieds site for products, jobs, services, etc.  What are the best ways to get people to the site so it will grow?

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          vepr Newbie

          Put links on the other relevant sites.

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            letim4fun Newbie

            Hi there, I'm facing the same problem . I set a webside I do not know how to get to customers? I would be grateful for any response ....

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                Insight Riot! Adventurer

                re: - I agree with vepr - your best bet would be exposure through either similar or related sites -- getting people to understand your model, why it's great and have them come over and visit.  Paid traffic may be a little tricky as I'm not sure what your revenue model is.


                re: -- Quickest way to drive traffic to an e-commerce type of site like yours (and see how your site is converting) is paid traffic.  I would try some second tier PPC engines like (no affiliation with them) - you could easily get a couple 10 - 50 visitors a day for as little as $10 or so.  You can set your daily budget to whatever.  You could also setup some Google PPC as it looks like a high quality site that Google should be able to easily find a $100 free adwords voucher, or we have some if you needed one.


                * Make sure you've got analytics properly setup and you also tag your PPC destination URLs using Google's URL builder:



                This helps you identify what keywords and ad combinations are converting.  Then you can scale things that are working.


                Hope that helps!

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                Pomalift Wayfarer

                To keep your costs down I would recommend organic link building in niche specific websites within your industry and market. cheers C

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                  When trying to get more people to go to your sight, don't forgetting the power of social media.  One person talking about it can spread out when they post about it on twitter or Facebook.  Make sure you have a Facebook fan page and have claimed a twitter with the company name.  Post about new things on your site but also interact with the people who follow you.  Becoming more "social" could be a free way to expand your sites.



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                    orbital config Tracker

                    Hello Andy,


                    I had gone to your site and looked at it, I had posted under graphics design in which I do for my small business that I have, I face the same things as lots of others have responded also about that. Being FREE is hard, I am all over google and so many free sites around my area. I can be happy to assist in some graphic design for you to advertise the site. Really from what I gather it is what people see and comprehend in the first couple of seconds they see it. One of the cheapest ways I know of is mailings to zip codes, it is a little costly to do so on a regular basis but returns can be good if theres something to grab there attention. Jobs is in demand now it would be jsut gettign them there to look. A great ad geard to the job searcher can help.

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                      phanio Pioneer

                      Three ways:


                      1) Backlinks from relevant sites with key word achor text.


                      2) Content that users will want to come to your site for, return for and stay for.


                      3) Time - lots of time.


                      Business Money Today


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                        Guadalupe Alsidez Newbie

                        I have a site

                        i have listed it under google and yahoo, many sites under listings, etc,

                        I'm still not getting a lot of traffic, and it doesn't show up under searches...

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                          RK Pohlman Newbie

                          If you have a marketing budget of at least $300 per month, we can guarantee you top three placement on Google, Yahoo! and Bing in the sponsored section.

                          We have helped thousands of small business grow and were named Google reseller of the year in 2008.

                          People go online to these search engines everyday looking for what you do and we can make sure they find you.


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                            Kacie Parker Adventurer

                            Great answers! I am learning a lot from these forums. Thank you guys.

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                                cth23 Newbie

                                If you finally finished with your new website or blog, you will need to get visitors and the best way to get targeted traffic is to write good content, optimize your site to a few keywords and achieve a good ranking in the search engines. Here are the best free methods you can use to get traffic:


                                1. Article Marketing  It's a very simple, but effective way of getting high quality traffic. You just have to write 1 articles every other day about topics, which are relevant to your site. Just place a link pointing to your page at the bottom. Submit them to the main article directories.


                                2. Posting to Blogs  It's the same thing: Find some relevant blogs and post quality comments with a back-link to your site. But the content of your comments should be really good not to get deleted for spamming.


                                3. Social Bookmarking  Write a paragraph about your site, and submit it to social bookmarking sites like Digg.


                                Good luck

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                                Darren Hughes Adventurer

                                There is really no one answer to this question. You have to take into account so many different factors and create a strategy based on your own unique set of circumstances (product, customers, competitors, history, margins, brand characteristics, site performance data...)


                                In digital marketing there are literally hundreds of options and it's important that you select the correct combination of them. This is why companies like mine exist.


                                If you care to chat offline, please feel free to contact me.  We offer free consultations to businesses with 50-or-fewer employees.


                                Darren - You can find my email address on my profile page.

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                                  LUCKIEST Guide

                                  A famous marketer was proclaiming loudly, "You don't need to learn copywriting. It's for specialists."


                                  This marketer also declared that blogging was a short-term fad, but that's another story.


                                  To be fair, it wasn't easy to learn copywriting. You had to invest generous amounts of time and money.


                                  Today  when you attend a live event, all the speakers share that (a) copywriting is the most important skill you need for online marketing and

                                  (b) that's where they spend *their* money. Nobody says it's "for copywriters only."


                                  Things are about to get very exciting for you in business!



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                                    Sophia_Myles Tracker

                                    Just had a check on the site, it seems that many of the categories are still empty. So what I'll suggest is to get enough content first and then putting links on those related sites you have here.


                                    Hope it helps!

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                                      Moderator Jim Ranger

                                      Great posts so far, keep 'em coming!



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                                        LUCKIEST Guide

                                        Do I need 1 website or many?


                                        There are no answers that apply to all companies.

                                        Generally, if you have more than 1 type of service, each with a different audience, you would need multiple websites.

                                        If you offer multiple services to one audience, you may be able to have an umbrella site that covers all of them.

                                        In fact, you may do better with one site than many.


                                        You may also need separate websites for strategic reasons.

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                                          abiajohn11 Newbie

                                          Thank you very much for your information!


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