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    Do you make your tweets terrific or tweet like a twit?


      I admit that I wasn't one to jump on the Twitter bandwagon right away. Perhaps if I had, I would have better footing at present. But I waited, and waited, and waited. I am now there however I don't tweet very much. Most of the time it's because I am more of a listener online than a talker, which is so polar opposite to my real life where I can out-talk almost anyone. The rest of the time, though, I simply worry about what others will think of what I have to say. I've never considered myself to be someone others would actually want to listen to because I had something good to say ... then trying to creatively cram something outstanding into 140 characters ... well, that just seems too much like work to bother!



      But the truth of the matter is, sometimes we have to put forward that work if we want to succeed in today's social media explosion! Steve Strauss brings us a new article today with insights on How to Create Interesting Twitter Content. Once you finish reading please do come back and tell us your Twitter tricks and tips. I know I asked for them once before and didn't get much feedback from the community but since traffic has picked up some, I am hoping to see more discussion! How often do you tweet and what creative devices do you use to get yourself noticed in a sea of tweets, retweets and hashtags?



      I'd really love to hear from you!