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    How can we increase revenue of our small business

    Drreety Wayfarer

      How can we increase revenue of  our small business

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          There are many ways to increase revenue.

          You have to give us MORE input.

          What kind of business??

          How long you have been in business??

          Do you have a marketing plan??

          How about a budget amount to spend??

          So many questions, so little info and so many good answers to follow.

          Tell us MORE

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            Andy Newbie

            Have you created a website?  Have you started a page for your business on Facebook?  If you sell retail items, how about posting on or ( is new and free to post your business, item, job and much more.)

            Spend some time and go out and put your name everywhere.  That way, when someone thinks about whatever it is you're selling, they will remember your name and contact you first.

            It takes a lot of time and patience to promote on social media.  You have to keep pushing your name or the products or services. 

            If you have a website, post on any classified site you can find.  Be sure and create a link to your site.  The more links to your site, the better you should rank in the search engines.  This will also help you get more attention and ultimately, more business.