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    modjoe23 Newbie
      I had this idea patented a while back, but still can't decide whether to move forward with it or not. Any feedback is much appreciated!

      America keeps getting bigger and bigger, but only recently have people started to become conscious about weight loss and the dangers of being overweight. The idea behind owning this iPod-like device like this is that it will be your assistant and will guide you toward attaining your weight loss goal.It helps personalize a plan, then gives the specific choices for each meal, tracks progress, and
      adjusts the plan automatically based on the goal.

      I have seen a few devices on the market, and they are doing ok, but they are not doing great. This does not make me too enthusiastic about creating this product even though my idea is still slightly different. What this would have that would differentiate it from others is a bar code reader. What that means is that I would not only be selling the device but also food that contains barcoded information describing what they are, how many calories, carbs in them, etc. This means that people would need to scan in all the food products they buy from me using the device and the device can now balance their meals and give recommendations on what to eat next based on what it knows you have in your fridge. It can also tell you not to eat an item you scan and give you reason not to and suggest alternatives from items you have, or also, items you don't have.

      Initially, the food would be sold from a website online, however, if this ideas grows, there is no reason not to partner with supermarkets who can then place these barcodes on all their foods.

      Thoughts? Comments?
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Making the device functional only with the food you sell seems like a limiting factor to me. Relying on the wholesale/retail grocery supply chain to add a barcode to their food products also seems like a limiting factor. If your device could function using existing UPC barcodes, that would be ideal.

          Another option might be to partner with someone like WeightWatchers that already has a food line and code-in their products instead of yours - and maybe expand after that to include items you sell that they don't.

          A third option might be to change your target market from consumers with weight-loss motivation to consumers with health issue that have a diet impact such as diabetes or heart disease. That market is easier to identify, plus they have more limited dietary choices anyway, and they are more likely to pay for a beneficial device or special food program. Best of all, they are more likely to stick with the program long-term (dieters would either lose weight and quit the program, or not lose weight and quit the program -- either way, you'd have to continuously market to new weight-loss motivated customers just to stay afloat). You'd get long-term repeat business from diabetics or heart patients (we'd hope!).


          Seems like you have the foundation for several potential applications. Hope my thoughts were helpful in some way. Best wishes.
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            modjoe23 Newbie
            Thank you for your input. I pretty much agree with everything you said :)
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              23, I agree with Lighthouse, who has great answers. Do you know about SCORE??
              Another suggestion, on Members page add a few words about you and your idea.