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    Industry Trends for 2008

    Michael Adventurer

      I would like some genuine feedback from everyone and anyone.

      What industry's to you see doing the best this year?

      What industry's to you see doing bad this year?

      What industry would be considered a sleeper or even unknown this year?

      I could use some help with peoples views on this.


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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Michael, Good question. Industry Trends. Let me take out my Crystal Ball.
          The C B says to sell high and buy low, however the ball needs more input so like you,
          I will wait and see what other peoples views are.
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            aleczaid Newbie
            Take a look to the following books, they may be of help identifying patterns of interest
            • The Secrets of Economic Indicators, 2nd ed, by Baumohl
            • Ahead of the Curve, by Ellis
            The second one will be particularly interested if you are interested in retail in 2008.

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              DomainDiva Ranger
              Look for the small independent technology developers to start making a splash.
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                Y Golf Wayfarer
                Hello Michael. My golf ball tells me customization will be huge in 2008. I am not a prognosticator but I think consumers will be cautious with purchasing in 2008 and be willing to wait a little longer for items made to their specifications.
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                  Michael Adventurer

                  I guess I should have been a little more specific.

                  I am wanting to open another business.

                  I was curious if anyone had input as to what business they thought would be successful and why.


                  An example of an "untappted" market would be the general consumer, who has a need to drink water.

                  In 1990 no one would have paid a 1.50 for a bottle of water.

                  Now everyone has purchased a bottle of water at least once.


                  An example of an industry or market that has grown immensley in one year: Offering service and products to persons with disabilities who are also entreprneurs.


                  An example of an industy that failed quickly in one year: Disco Music. One year it was to die for, the next you were strange if you had an album. Every band took the music on, including a rock band like KISS. The next year that same band wished they could wipe it off of there label.



                  So what product will sale well this year? What product will not? What product is unknown or a sleeper, that will show explosive growth?



                  How can one analyze market trends(consumer buying patterns, social-economic factors, etc) to make a decision regarding business?
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                      Michael Adventurer
                      Well, My new Business, a branch of is up and running, a division of iTS(Integrity Technology Specialists).

                      I am in agreement that consumers do not want to spend and are going to worry about spending there money.

                      Lets help them relax.

                      This website is also an invitation for all to offer there service or product online, a way to increase revenue.

                      Anyone utilizing the small business online community is welcome to use the site to sale a product or service.
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                        aleczaid Newbie
                        If you are looking for ideas for exploration, technologies for resource preservation (e.g. using less water, consuming less energy) are necessary in the US, and most importantly, they have done well during hard economic times in the past. You may want to research the story of the inventor of the battery operated toothbrush Dr Johnson?, which is by the way one of the most amazing (and profitable) entrepreneurial endeavors I know of. The guy started selling water-efficient showers in very bad economic times.
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