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    Is creating a website really as easy as 1, 2, 3?


      I remember back many years ago when I decided to give web page design a try. I wanted to make a page for a chat friend so that she and her family could easily update the members of our chat group about the status of her premature granddaughter. I spent an entire night diligently learning basic html from a website and I utilized one of those free site places chock full of advertising, but I was quite proud of the finished product and it served its purpose.




      This endeavour led me to being asked to design a webpage for our church. Because they didn't want all of the advertising the free sites contained, they opted to purchase hosting from their internet provider and I built what, in its time, was a decent site. Unfortunately, every group in the church wanted their own page but no one was willing to keep me updated on the functions and activities of their group so just the task of trying to keep such a huge site updated became daunting and cumbersome and later, when I became ill, I stopped trying all together. They eventually decided to pay their internet provider to design a less demanding, more professional page which was, in my opinion, very basic with minimal information. Apparently, it meets their needs and they are happy with it. I still laugh though when hidden components of the site I built still show up beneath their new and "improved" design. I guess somewhere, someone at their internet provider’s office forgot to remove the old before building the new on to of it ... I would have thought there would be better quality once they actually paid someone to do it but that isn't always the case.




      Once my health had recovered, I decided that my husbands business needed a web presence. I had a friend who was a hosting reseller and he gave me free hosting with all of the bells and whistles including all of the free tech support I needed to learn how upload to and use the sites publishing tools. I created what I thought was my best website yet and to this day, I am still proud of it. However, as all good freebies go, my friend decided he wasn't making any money at reselling virtual property and he closed down his hosting services. I was then forced to wander off to parts unknown and find something I could utilize to get our website back online without too much hassle. I purchased hosting through our domain name provider and I hate it. I find the tools and navigation difficult to use and that makes updating it a dreaded task that I tend to procrastinate on. Of course, while I was procrastinating, the husband got tired of waiting for updates and decided to attempt it himself which wasn't a pretty situation ... I have no shopping cart, no storefront and I don't know how to put a slideshow together on it so all of the images are still displayed on endless scrolling pages. I'm not even sure if it is search engine optimized to its fullest potential. I became discouraged and frustrated.




      Getting to the point (which I eventually do ...) while I was sitting here wondering what I could do to revamp our web presence and where I might be able to find something that was not only easier to work with but was sleeker and more efficient, I logged in and found Steve Strauss's new article, 6 Reasons You Should Consider WordPress for Your Website or Blog. The little ding of a bell went off in my head and I thought, "Hmmm, is this the answer?” I fully plan on heeding his recommendation and checking out WordPress to see if it will more effectively meet my needs.




      So, I am wondering now, what are your thoughts about Steve's recommendation? Has anyone used WordPress for their blog or business website and if so, are you happy with its functionality? Do you have any recommendations of your own? If so, please post them in a non-spammy manner. Recommendations with some details of the perks and why you like it is fine. Advertising your services, website, business or company you use will result in your post being removed. This is, after all, a discussion, not a sales pitch.




      I hope to see replies & suggestions soon!





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        • Re: Is creating a website really as easy as 1, 2, 3?
          LUCKIEST Guide

          According to yola, YES


          Create and post your website in minutes!  It's as easy as 1-2-3.

          1. Choose a website type.
          2. Answer a few questions about your website.
          3. Choose a look and feel.

          And you're ready to publish your website!


          Check it out

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            • Re: Is creating a website really as easy as 1, 2, 3?
              Moderator Jim Ranger

              I agree. Anyone can make a generic wordpress site in a matter of minutes but it'll be a generic site. Wordpress is like using someone else's poetry to express your views. Sure, you can get close, but it's always better to write your own thoughts or feelings down and make it your own and to do that with WP you must modify the heck out of an existing template or learn your own (negating the "easy as 123" theme). If you don't, then you're left with "just another wordpress blog" and nothing interesting for the user to come back to.



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              Deadwood Newbie

              Wordpress can be very flexible and for many people is not too difficult to use. If you go with Wordpress and you need help there are a lot of people than can do work for a reasonable amount of money to customize it or to show you how to make your own posts if you need help with that.


              I think Wordpress is a much better option that the "easy as 123" type interfaces.


              Also, if you want any social media options, Wordpress has many free plugins and widgets that enable many cool functions.



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                nasakabrm Newbie

                Wordpress can be quite flexible as many have stated before, and quite easy to use.  There are many guides to using it... that being said I wouldn't use it much for online commerce.  I'd say the 1-2-3 websites tend to lack professionalism.  It is a worthwhile investment to find a web designer that does quality work and can help build you a site for a reasonable cost.  Also, as far as hosting goes, contact me as I offer a variety of hosting options, and I'd be glad to help another small business owner out. 


                If you're looking at making your own, go with wordpress, it really does have quite a few solutions available to you.  If you have any other questions for me, feel free to ask, and I will do my best to answer them as soon as I can.


                My question is, are you in need of a shopping cart of any kind?  Is your website strictly for promotional purposes?


                Take care,




                Customer Relations 1120Media

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                  Tim_S Newbie



                  WordPress is a great CMS, that offers a lot of flexiblity right out of the box. Not only are there great guides and tutorials, there's a wonderful community that is willing to help. there's also tons of plugins associated with WordPress that can provide much more functionality. While there may by a bit of a learning curve when first using WordPress I've found it well worth the time invested to learn. There's plenty of hosting companies that offer easy installation of WordPress. WordPress has their famous "5-minute" install but with most hosts it's even quciket than that. Even if you are looking for an e-commerce solution, there's multiple plugins with WordPress that will convert your WordPress site into a shopping cart.


                  I hope this helps!


                  Tim S

                  • Re: Is creating a website really as easy as 1, 2, 3?

                    It's nice to see so many responses being posted here and so much helpful advice! I still haven't had the opportunity yet to check out Wordpress and see if it will meet my needs. I haven't even had time to look at our website yet but I wanted to answer some of the questions you have posted.




                    I currently use hosting through a very popular and well known place with a "racy" little spokeswoman. When my friend who was providing my initial hosting decided to get out of the hosting biz, I was relegated to the only other place I knew of for hosting which was where we got our domain name from. Needless to say, I find their hosting tools and their interface confusing and difficult and I am really not happy with it. In fact, it is the reason I haven't done much (read ANY) updating ... because I simply dread having to deal with it.




                    To answer the shopping cart question ... YES. My site is missing a shopping cart because I have no idea how to put one on my website but the entire purpose of having a website is to sell our product and educate people, so this has been a huge issue for me. I had one on the previous version of our site but when I moved it all over to our current host, it didn't work with their site for some reason. Basically we are and have been paying a LOT of money for something I know I am not using to its fullest potential which frustrates me to no end.



                    Lastly what we end up having to do to upload our page to the hosting site is to create it in Microsoft Front Page and then upload the finished product to the host site. I have not figured out a way to create a shopping cart or do any sort of flash or slideshow even working on the coding/HTML page of the program and I'm not sure if it is just because of my lack of knowledge of HTML (I only know the basic stuff) or if it is because it simply isn't possible to do in Front Page. Anyone have any information or thoughts on this?




                    I don't know if there is anyone locally who does web design and can do what I envision for our site but in my line of work here on the internet, I have seen so many fraudulent web designers and heard so many horror stories about people paying thousands of dollars and getting subpar work, it scares me to think of trying to hire the job out. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and do some more investigating.




                    Thanks to everyone for all of the comments and suggestions. Keep them coming! It has been most helpful!





                      • Re: Is creating a website really as easy as 1, 2, 3?
                        MCVDA Adventurer

                        Here is the question...what is the purpose of your site? For example, my website is more for marketing for my business than taking payments, so open source CRM solutions work fine for me. If you are selling products, then how many products are you selling? When I am setting merchant accounts for merchants with ecommerce needs and they are only selling a handful of products, I have them go with such a CRM system, and use a webform that is available through my payment gateay of choice. If they are selling dozens or hundreds of products, the full suite shopping cart I go with also has templates, some for a fee, and some free.


                        My point is average person visiting a website does not know if you are using a template, or if your site was built from scratch. The average small business owner that is looking for their first website does not know that CRM even exists, so they do not know what they are paying for. I have seen some merchants get duped into paying for something that is free online, and for work they could have done themselves. Therefore, I think that small merchants should use the available open source tools just so they know when a web developer is actually providing something of value.


                        To all web developers that may read this, please take into account that this is not directed at all of you as a knock, but I am sure that you know that there are questionable characters in your field, just as much as I know that there are questionable ones in mine, and I think that every industry has good and bad

                      • Re: Is creating a website really as easy as 1, 2, 3?
                        sharonphilip Wayfarer

                        Creating a good web page can be important, but it actually depends on the reader who is interested in your product. A good webpage will actually get you the customer whereas a bad one brings a different story stating that you are running a scam. Word press is a great way to talk about your work like everyone said above.Also check hubpages and squidoo. Hubpages and squidoo pay you at times.

                        • Re: Is creating a website really as easy as 1, 2, 3?
                          MCVDA Adventurer

                          If you are using a CMS I think that it is quite simple. I have tried Wordpress and didn't like it, but I do (or did) like Joomla. The "did" is because I recently did a site with Zazavi, and I found it to be quite nice. My CMS sites look just as good as the sites where someone has paid thousands of dollars for someone else to do the building. Plus you don't have to keep on paying someone to make updates.

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                            yccteam Wayfarer

                            Nowdays building a website is a bit more complicated then just building and adding content... the content should be planned, and even though getting a website "live" can be a matter of minutes (even seconds), populating it and making it an effective and satisfactory website can take a lot more time...

                            • Re: Is creating a website really as easy as 1, 2, 3?
                              dman Newbie

                              Wordress can be a good route to take and if you are interested in a great host and an easy wordpress install message me and I would love to help you out with this.

                              • Re: Is creating a website really as easy as 1, 2, 3?
                                saritlotem Wayfarer


                                As a website designer, I get a lot of people who started with the 1,2,3 on line website and could not get the result the wished for or it just got to complicated.

                                Don't get me wrong, I think you get create a website with them but unless you know editing and this field the site is going to look very generic and not appealing.

                                Good luck.

                                • Re: Is creating a website really as easy as 1, 2, 3?

                                  Nice to see this discussion is still going strong! I appreciate all of the tips, advice and ideas posted so far! Keep them coming!!!



                                  Thanks all!



                                  • Re: Is creating a website really as easy as 1, 2, 3?
                                    ChristiN Wayfarer

                                    Hello everyone,


                                    This topic has really taken off hasn't it? As someone with both hosting technical support experience and design experience, I just wanted to add a few thoughts/ideas to the discussion.


                                    First, I can't say enough about how easy WordPress is to use and customize. With over 1,000+ themes to pick from, you're almost sure to find one that fits your needs. If you don't find one that fits, go with one that's easy to customize. My personal favorite for creating a customized theme is Constructor. For starters, this nifty little theme let's you quickly customize the background image, header image, content background, etc. There so many easy to configure parts that anytime someone wants a custom theme I highly recommend it for ease of use and how much of the overall design it let's you quickly customize.


                                    When it comes to e-commerce you have so many options now. The first thing you want to look at is how many different products you have to sell and if you offer those products with different options. Here are my recommendations:


                                    Only have a few products to sell?


                                    Try using PayPal buttons. PayPal let's you set up products and provides you with the button code, all you have to do is insert that code into your site. If you're using WordPress for example, you can create a page, switch to the HTML editor and paste in your code.


                                    Have quite a few products to sell and/or need to offer options for those products (think size, color, etc.)?


                                    Try out one of the many e-commerce plugins available for WordPress now. If that doesn't work for you, you don't have to give up on WordPress. If you want to use a stand alone cart like Zen Cart, Cube Cart, OSCommerce, Open Cart, or Presta Shop; simply use WordPress for your main site, create a subdomain (something like store or shop is a good idea) for your main domain and install your shopping cart in that subdomain. Then you can link your main site to the store's subdomain.


                                    One very important part of e-commerce that many people overlook is the importance of planning out your e-store before diving right in. It's important that you consider all of your products and how to best break those products up into categories. That way you can go through and create your categories first, any sub-categories second, then work on creating and setting up your individual products.


                                    Finally, I really recommend migrating away from FrontPage since it is no longer supported by Microsoft. With technology and design changing so quickly, you don't want to find yourself using a program that does't comply with the lastest specifications from the W3C or could even have security holes (this can be an issue with any software that isn't up to date).


                                    Hope this input helps! Please let me know if you have any questions.

                                    • Re: Is creating a website really as easy as 1, 2, 3?
                                      Dr. Brijesh Kumar Wayfarer

                                      At my company, we have built hundreds of websites both for individual businesses as well as for major Fortune 500 corporations. So, here is my take on it.


                                      1) Custom Websites - can be simple or expensive depending upon the design, layout and contents. Cost can be from $1000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars


                                      2) Wordpress -  Reasonable for small business. Management of a site is rather easy. Designing a custom theme is relatively easy too. You can get  several interesting plug-ins for most tasks. Basic wordpress blog sites with standard themes from Internet can be done by individuals with minimal tech skills.  But, custom site design requires technical help and designing by pro. Many generic Themes are availalable - but we wouldn't use them for a serious business site. Expect to pay $1K to $15K depending upon what you do, number of pages, themes and menu and other modules to be integrated etc.


                                      3) Joomla/ Drupal - Powerful CMSes. Designing a custom theme is for experts only. Management of a site requires advanced technical skills. A lot of interesting and powerful plug-ins available. Integration of these modules will almost certtainly need professional IT services form a web design company. Mostly for mid to large firms. Expect to pay $10K + for custom sites.