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    Very large file size Quickbooks

    bigbadjohn Wayfarer

      We have version 6 (1999) of QuickBooks file size 600 MB

      We upgraded with trial 2011 and file size grew to 850 MB but have not started using it yet.

      Also we have 14,250   users near the 14,500 limit, lots of them are old.


      Using Enterprise is not an option as its available only by subscription (monthly payments) in Canada

      And would end up paying $21,000.00 after 5 years.


      Can you please give me some advice of the best course to take?

      Maybe starting a new file I don’t know how this works

      I feel at this juncture we should do some serious planning  before we start using 2011 otherwise we could be headed for more trouble down the road

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          Accountant Adventurer

          You can condense the size of the quickbooks file by closing the early years and creating a back up copy. Additionally, you should delete the users which are not active any more. You also have a second option. You can hire a QB expert to help you accomplish your goals. THis will not cost you alot as it does not require any data entry. The max. cost of hiring a QB expert to reduce the file size and make your QB copy more funtional would be around $200 to $250 depending on the expertise of the individual you hire.


          Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance.


          Good luck.

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            OfficeGoddess Navigator

            I recommend creating a backup of your current 1999 versions QuickBooks file, then archiving the records for all but the prior 2 years (so 2009 back).  Next I would delete all inactive users, create another backup (named differently, of course) then convert to the new file version.  This should resolve many of your size problems as well as the user limit issue.

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              charbook Wayfarer

              I agree with both of these suggestions.  Another idea that may be helpful to you is to export your customer, vendor, and users lists into excel, when you get to a point where you are ready to delete people.  It will be easier to delete people in excel and then input the excel spreadsheet back into QuickBooks 2011.  Also, by viewing your lists in excel you will be able to tell if people are listed more than once with just a slightly different spelling.  I hope this helps, but keep posting questions you have along the way and we can try to help you through this.

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                bigbadjohn Wayfarer

                Thanks for all the sugestions


                I think we are going to start again with a new company file at the end of the year.

                What can we import from old


                I did manage to upgrade to 2011 in Oct. but it will not upgrade again since its corrupted.


                May we could still export some data from Oct 2011 into new QB file

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                  Mac Rozer Adventurer

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                      3gqbitc Newbie

                      We are currently using Quickbooks Pro 2009, with a company file size of 212K.  Since Intuit payroll support for our version will end in May, we plan to upgrade to Quickbooks Pro 2012.  The Intuit folks, however, have told us that the size of our company file is too large to run on Quickbooks Pro 2012, and it is also too large to archive.  I presume we could archive just some of the old data, but I also have read that the archive utilities on the older Quickbooks versions don't work so well.  Does anyone have any experience with running Quickbooks Pro 2012 with a large company file?  Does anyone have any experience using the archive utility (Clean Up Company Data) in Quickbooks Pro 2009?  Intuit says the best solution is to upgrade to Enterprise, but we only need two licenses and would like to avoid the high cost of Enterprise.  Any info would be appreciated.

                      Correction - the current file size is 212 Megabytes.


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                          ASU2009 Wayfarer

                          Hello 3gqbitc,


                          We currently use QB 2011.  Our file size is about 900MB and we clean up/condense our data every few years.  I have not had any issues condensing/cleaning up in the past.  The only thing that I recommend is to start the process on the weekend when the company file is not needed because, depending on the size of the company file, it can take up to 2 days to complete - and you can't use QB in the meantime!  In fact, at one point we started on Friday night and the process did not end until Sunday night.  I also recommend monitoring the process throughout the day in case any pop-up messages appear.  In addition, be sure to backup you QB file to a different computer/drive prior to starting the Clean up function in case an error occurs.


                          Hope this helps!