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    Line of Credit

    solcontrol Newbie

      I own two commercial properties clear for all liens. One property is leased out and the other one is being used by my business.  I want a line of credit on these properties (Not a loan) keeping the commercial properties as co-lateral

      I have approached many banks but they are only intersted giving loan on my home not commercial properties.


      Can you suggest some lenders who are willing to give line of credit on these commercial properties



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          CorpCons08 Ranger



          For commercial banks, I recommend Bank of America (not just because this is their community). They have a solution called their Premium Credit Line which is open for amounts greater than 25k. It weighs heavily on business assets which may be what you are looking for since you have two commercial properties.


          If you are looking for a non-commercial bank, I would recommend CIT. ( They have revolving credit lines which can be secured by commercial properties.





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            phanio Pioneer

            Here is a couple of suggestions.


            1) Do a google search for commercial real estate lending in your area.  Much better to work with someone local.


            2) You could look at Blackburne & Sons - or Freedom Capital - Both private lenders with many programs for most business needs.


            3) Think about a SBA 504 loans (either from a private lender or your local Community Development Corporation) - might have a better chance at an approval.


            4) Do know that both properties will not be treated the same.  You can get a higher LTV for owner occupied property - probabaly closer to 60% or 70% (giving your the potential to get a LOC up to 60% or 70% of the property value) - non owner occupied property would probably be around 40% to 50% LTV.


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              biz2capital Adventurer

              I have found that if you are in the right position everyone will give you money, if you're not then you can't buy a loan. I bet you have looked online and honestly there are a ton of places but still hard to find lenders. If you find national lenders they only want 2 mill+ So local banks or lenders are good because they deal with lower amounts. It was suggested that owner occupied be something to look at. They are right, it makes it so much easier to not only get a loan but to get a higher amount if it is owner occupied. All you have to do is establish your 'business residence' at one of these locations.


              Best thing I can do to suggest is looking at private local lenders. You may even want to look up the micro lender in your county. They usually have great suggestions and know the programs going on in your area.


              Best of luck