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    How do I contact a moderator?

    Craig Parker Tracker

      That's pretty much it; I want to know how to do this and don't see links anywhere allowing me to do it.

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          CorpCons08 Ranger

          Is there something we can assist you with Craig?

          If not, at least the question is out there for the moderators.





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            Hiya Corp! Basically, the system is set up to "filter" certain things that might indicate a message is spam or inappropriate for posting live. Should a member post be held pending moderation, it doesn't necessarily mean that it won't eventually appear once it has been reviewed by a live individual. It simply means that the systems auto-filters have red-flagged it for additional review as a precaution.

            If you remember a while back when you were active before, there was a lot of spam and irrelevant content getting through and some of the regulars weren't happy. Since then, things have been tweaked and tightened so that the community isn't over-run with spam and schemes they didn't want to see. However, that extra diligence comes at a price ... mainly in that the relevant and helpful posts sometimes unavoidably get flagged by the system for moderation. We appreciate your patience and understanding when you receive the "moderation" message as you know these measures were put into place for the betterment of the community as requested.


            Craig, if you received a notice that someone had replied to your post but upon going to the thread you find no response, it is most likely one of two things ... either the person who posted the reply changed their mind and removed it themselves or it was removed by the moderation team because of some type of inappropriate content. As for contacting a moderator, this is pretty much the best way to go about it! We are here frequently to assist community members and answer questions!  I hope that answers your question.