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    You'll Need a Website!

    RongDesign Adventurer
      You hear it every day! The Internet is the way of the future. Print ads are dropping off the face of the earth. If you just started a business and want to get a good identity for yourself online; use the non-profit website to get a website you can afford. Just set your budget range low and they will have a designer e-mail you with a proposal and a price that ranges in your budget.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Need a Website, Good marketing. Good luck
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            PureAction Wayfarer
            If your a Do It Yourself type and have basic Site Building Skills you can start here:

            or If you need help choosing the right solution to initiate your web presence start here:

            Either way - Take Action
            and Get Started today!
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              Wingman Adventurer

              Hi RongDesign,


              I've never had a website and am looking into it for my business. What do I need to consider as far as web hosting, website maintenance and monthly fees?

              What would you recommend as a 'low' budget range to use when going onto the website you provided and soliciting proposals? What would a typical development process be like when working with a design firm?

              Thanks for your help


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                  RongDesign Adventurer
                  It really depends on what you are looking for when you are picking a web host and a design firm. When you start shopping around for prices, besure to check for your designer first. A few companies, like my own, offer free webspace and domain name with their design. This makes it easier on both the designer and client, because now the designer doesn't have to worry about getting features turned on and off and the client never has to touch the site if they do not know what thier doing.

                  As far as choosing your designer; that tricky. You really have to trust your gut when you take to a designer. If you feel a bad vibe, then their will be bad communication and that is not the designer for you. Their is also price to consider. Most design firms charge by the hour at rates up to $150 an hour. Others, like mine, charge for a certain size site; no matter the time, the graphic needed or the features needed for it to run properly.

                  It will always be one price. If you are able to come up with your own basic idea, a good looking website that present all your information to the public will usally run from $300-800. Selling products on like usally adds $100-$300 to a bill also. Be careful when planning your site. If you think it will take a long time, you might not want to pay a designer firm by the hour.

                  I hope this help you a little!

                  Best wishes,
                  Dave Moore @
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                    MyNameWebsite Wayfarer
                    Try for a website and .com name for as little as $12.49 for the entire year.


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                    RongDesign Adventurer
                    Here are a few sites I have done that were all under $500.


                    Call me at 717-275-4454 or to get started today.
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                      webmasters Adventurer
                      If You need a website and or web hosting is the answer.
                      Visit us on the web at

                      We're here to help you succeed
                      24/7 telephone sales and support.
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                        Iwrite Pioneer
                        Be careful. Although some print is slowing (local newspapers and magazines), others (specialty publications) are growing by having both an online and off-line presence.

                        That being said, I agree a website is a great addition to a companies marketing mix but it alone is not the salvation. There is a glaring question that we seem to be happy to avoid: "how do consumers find out about your business when they are not online?"

                        Websites and SEO searches don't help with that. Print, direct mail, outdoor and broadcast all need to be a part of your marketing plan to some degree. Some will be heavier than others but you have got to shape a plan that reaches consumers where they are. And they aren't always on the web.

                        We all need websites, but more importantly, we all should have a marketing plan. Before anything, (print, interactive, broadcast, direct mail or whatever) have a MARKETING PLAN.

                        Dave, didn't mean to hijack your post. Sorry about that.
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                          contessastern Newbie
                          One of the things we ask (plead and beg) our clients to do is have a simple business plan. An example plan can consist of the following information:
                          Who are you?
                          What is your purpose?
                          What other methods are you going to use to advertise your business?

                          Those 3 simple questions can act as a road map so you can keep on course with your web site project.

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                              your_web_guy Adventurer
                              i would also add to that to make sure your web developer/designer knows (and you do too) what exactly you want your website to accomplish. Is it just to have a spot online cuz you think you need to or do you have goals and a specific purpose. If it is the latter then you need to make sure you spend the money needed to accomplish those goals. If they are to keep current clients, get new clients, or just to stroke your own ego, those goals are what everything else about your website henges upon so put some thought into it rather than looking at price.

                              on that note, find someone (like me... sorry couldnt resist) who is looking to build a relationship with you and will work on a payment plan or some such mutually beneficial finantial arrangment that will allow you to achieve your goals while not breaking your budget.