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    Websites and Social Media to generate sales and brand awareness

    WestCoastLife Wayfarer

      I have built my own website and created Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr accounts to promote awareness of my new ebook for cat lovers of all ages called In Defense of Cats! that I self-published on Amazon.  It seems to be working because my traffic is growing and I am starting to rank higher when people search for "cat book" or "catbook".  I have also just written a press release and started sending it to newspapers and magazines.  I may try radio and tv once the book has been out a little longer.


      Does anyone else know of a good way to build awareness of new products and services across the country?  For instance, I looked into webrings but they look clunky, have way too much advertising, and seem out-of-date now that the Internet is so vast.


      My site is at: - please take a look at it and let me know if it looks appealing.


      Thanks, Janette