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    Financing your clients?

    Brian Newbie

      I have a question to ask the members of this forum. 


      I am looking at a business that offers financing to consumers of your business.  It sounds like a much needed service in this economy and it is looking good so far.  They will finance anything just about anywhere from 1000. to 30,000.  It is easy and quick, my fear is that the market is over saturated.  This company will finance down to a 550 FICO score. 


      I am not involved as of yet, but would like to know if merchants are looking for this type of service. 


      Please let me know.

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          phanio Pioneer

          This is called indirect financing and can be really risky.  A lot of doctors and dentist use this to finance say a $5,000 operation or procedure.  Some car dealers also do this (they take the buyers information, run it through a computer program sponsored by the lender and it returns a yes or no).  The dealer closes the deal and sells the note to the finance company.  Heavy equipment companies also do similar things and might also offer leasing through a third party financier.

          There is a market - is it saturated?  That is hard question to ask.  You might look around for a niche market that is not being served or underserved.  Look to businesses that have large ticket items (furniture stores, HAVC companies, ATV / motorcycle used dealers - to name a few).  There just might be some demand that you can fill.

          I would suggest you have some experience in underwriting as well with lending laws.


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            LUCKIEST Guide

            I am not sure where you are going with your question.

            Your profile says "  Expertise:                I help business owners with financing their services and products to there customers.

            We go as low as 550 FICO and there is never any liability to you if they don't pay.

            This allows business owners to keep customers and increase profits that were out of reach in the past."


            If this is your expertise, what are you asking us??

            "You are not involved as of yet"????

            Are you looking to sell this service to others??