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    Cloud Technology and Do you understand it.

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      Cloud Technology and Do you understand it.

      In working in the IT field with cloud computing and network management as a main part of our offering. I think that there are two different sides to cloud technology. One is that we have been using it for some time now like in paying bills, banking, and the such. And the other is the use for cloud technology in the SMB market.

      Just the other day I had a new customer call our office with a laundry list of things that they wanted. They wanted to migrate their office all to thin clients so that they can have one point of entry to their call service provider move tier server into the cloud so that they can access files from anywhere and wanted to save money in doing so.

      This client, as do most companies, do think that the cloud or a thin client is a device that you just plug in and you have most of the features that you have with a computer without the infrastructure.

      After doing some investigating what they really wanted to do was have the ability to limit what an employee should see at their workstation and to only to use an application in the cloud. I understand why in today’s market SMB’s want to keep up with the pack. Technology has made it so that SMB’s can compete with larger businesses and moving their business or parts of their business to the cloud is a good cost effective way to get enterprise level services at an affordable price. Now does this mean that we should suggest to take them off their servers that they have set up which has been paid for works fine just to create a solution for them to use in the cloud. NO. What we try to do at our company is see what makes sense. We find out what the customer needs and be their partner their confidant when it comes to IT. Even if we do not sell anything. Saying that we accomplished their core goals with their existing equipment and only added a good firewall and changing policies in their work environment which we now I can say we manage.

      A few days ago my friend Chris Sturm who manages a car dealership in East Texas make the comment “If it were up to me, I would choose simplicity.” He further said, “we are in a system that focuses us to keep up or become irrelevant and unemployable. We are so busy trying to figure out if we can, we don’t stop to think if we should.” I agreed with Chris and figured that someone was trying to make him change the way they do things and usually when that happens it is due to greed. Wanting more, wanting better or being sold something that looks good sounds good but isn’t what is relevant.

      So in looking at cloud technology, look at the whole of your organization, how it will help, how it will integrate with your current environment and most of all is it needed.


      Lou Garcia

      LG Networks, Inc.

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          You bring up an interesting topic here.  I know I personally am not a fan of thin clients, nor do I like my information backed up somewhere I can not reach it.  That being said I also do not run a business that has a bunch of people working for it,  You say people should think about if they SHOULD switch to it, so let me ask you this.  What are some good reasons for switching and want are some pros and cons of doing so?



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              Moderator Jim Ranger

              What have everyone's experiences with the cloud been like? Is it the future?



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                  Craig Parker Tracker

                  I haven't had any experience with "the cloud" at all, but it seems that your at the mercy of your network.  Stuff goes down a lot here in Maine due to ice storms, hurricanes, and the occasional tornado (on the other hand, there's no poisonous wildlife to speak of, so I'll deal with the weather) and if we ran stuff in the cloud, we'd be screwed at least once a month.  Maybe not in the city (Portland is the closest one to me) but out in the willy whackers where DSL has only been around for three or four years, and ISPs go down sometimes when the sky starts getting overcast, "the cloud" is not an option.


                  That being said, I have been getting stuff situated so that we can get at our stuff from the outside (of our LAN) world if we need to.  If I can't get at some client data from my house because the connection at work is down, it's no big deal.


                  The cloud would make me nervous even if I were situated in a city, but maybe only because I'm paranoid about what happens out here.  I think the closest I get to cloud computing is using IMAP, but Thunderbird caches things, so I can get at emails even if I'm disconnected from the net.


                  Lou sounds like an honest consultant.  That's always nice to see.

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                Mike Forrester Newbie

                I think the cloud is definety the present and the future. The whole benfit that I see is not only to save real estate in house but it gives you the redundancy you would have to pay a fortune for to keep in it house. I am in a location with bad copper in the ground and too far away from a metro area to get fiber in my building at a resonable cost. A vendor that I work with on my phone system approached me last year about the cloud and had a great solution for me to vurtualize my systems in their data centers. Today, all my systems (including my phone system) are virtualized and fully redundant. Each of my locations either use a VPN or MPLS and I am able to tie them in to our applications including voice. Now when my location goes down because of the weather my company can still function and all I need to do is plug in my broadband card and I can manage it and my users can access from any broadband connection. I have been here for going on 6 years now and my cost is down and my systems have more availability than they have ever had. The best for me is I do not have to manage equipment any more and all my apps sit on VMWARE leased to me by my cloud services provider including my phone system.  If redundancy or DR are important to you the cloud is the way to go.

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                  Susan7 Wayfarer

                  Cloud service is no doubt the buzz thanks to VC and all big companies' push. When we are moving towards cloud, think about who benefit from the whole process?

                  Right, large IT company. Small IT company will be out as they could not afford hosting and processing greate volume of data.

                  For us, small business owners, we have to pay monthly fee, which actually means we are paying more tfor the service we used to keep on our own side. Well, you may argue that we don't need IT personnel within company. True. But remember we rely more on big IT company for everything. And they have all of our data when we are using their service.

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                    We have seen posts on both sides of this issue.  Clearly cloud technology is here and must be dealt with to move forward in more  Internet applications for your businesses.

                    What do you think could improve on it and lead companies to rely on and trust it more?