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    Try to sell wholesale stuff, what's holding all the buyers?

    Witty_Frosty Adventurer

      This site is getting a decent amount of traffic, and I've been making contact with some members here regarding business opportunities, but the problem is, none of them seems to be that sincere, a person that tries to buy some jerseys ended up asking me to get a designer to do the design for her for FREE, which is completely impractical.


      I don't know how to solve this conundrum, although it could be the fact that I may not have been making contact with enough amount of members here.


      Anyway, on one hand, you got people at the same forum trying to buy wholesale lot, on the other hand, you got people from this very forum that contact you with no genuine intention to buy anything from ya.


      So I wanna listen to the potential buyers here, what could you be hesitating when making a decision? I mean, if you want paypal, you got paypal.