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    Trust & the Sales Pitch ... Will the salesman hit a home-run or strike out?


      Just recently, our town hosted the annual county fair. I love this time of year when kids bring their agricultural projects and crafts to be judged, carnies run rides for the kids and most of all, the smells and sounds float across the air tingling my senses. It's an exciting week I look forward to every year ... but it also brings with it another creature known as salespeople. Row after row and tent after tent you will always find someone pitching something. There is everything from thermal windows to farm equipment.




      One of my favourite things to do is to people watch and this is prime people-watching territory. I enjoy engaging the salespeople, hearing their pitch and seeing how each one differs or noting common techniques. I like to test their knowledge of the product and put them through the paces and in the end, I ask myself if I trust this individual enough to want to do business with them. It is a great learning experience for me and, I believe, for them as well. Sometimes, they may even get a sale out of me depending on how well they do their job.




      Having two businesses running out of our home, we deal with customers on a regular basis and the majority of our customers are repeat business. I believe this is because my husband is a very personable guy. People like him and most of all, because he is knowledgeable about the business, they trust him. He doesn't put on any pretentio9us acts or have any expectations that the customer should buy his product but he is gracious and generous with his time and people respond to that. So, when I saw Steve Strauss's new article "5 Secrets of Sales Superstars", I wasn't surprised to see Secret #3 on the list. It has worked for us for years!




      I am wondering what it is that gets your attention when being pitched to by a salesperson ... what things turn you off and which ones get you to buy? Is trusting your salesperson the most important concern for you or is there something else at the top of your priority list? Let's discuss!!




      Join in!