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    Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses E-Book

    Kristin Warner Newbie

      We’ve all heard the success stories of big brands in social media. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the resources and budgets of Coca Cola and Starbuck’s. Sure, the basic tools of social media are free, but the brands with hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of followers have teams of experts and marketing budgets to promote their pages, profiles and promotions. In the end, their tactics are just downright unrealistic for most of us.


      Hope is not lost! You can do amazing things in social media marketing with a small budget and a little creativity. This FREE eBook is a collection of interesting social media case studies from small businesses that have used social media marketing successfully with little or no budget—just some creative thinking and a lot of effort.


      These stories were very inspiring—not only are there some great social media strategy ideas in these case studies, but there are also great stats and links to the pages, blog and campaigns that have exhibited great success for these small companies.


      Have you ever heard the expression; “The proof is in the pudding”?


      This has never meant as much as it does in today’s world of social media. It has redefined the way companies are communicating with customers, building relationships with new ones, and raising the awareness of their brands. The time is now to take advantage of social media and capture that momentum for your business.


      FirePath is pleased to offer you a complimentary eBook containing social media case studies and lessons that will inspire you and give you a baseline for building a successful social media strategy for your business.