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    Rejected Discussions- can you really share on this site?

    Mad Hatter Coffee Wayfarer

      I'm curious to know why sharing a business opportunity in a discussion forum called "Home Based Business Opportunity" would be rejected by the moderator. How can it be considered an open forum for discussion to members when someone tells you you can't post something. Networking is about sharing ideas and opportunities with other people. I can see it being a problem when these automated posting sites spam the hell out of threads..but when an honest individual, new to the industry, wants to share a home based business opportunity that they have discovered, with other people in a "Home Based Business Opportunity" discussion forum, and its REJECTED!!!! Just doesn't seem right. If there is an explanation for this fine...give it to me. If its wrong to share ideas in here with people, then you'd better change your description. This is on your site:


      Our Mission

      Our mission is to create a thriving online community that empowers people in building a successful business.

      Learn, Share, Connect

      The Small Business Online Community allows small business to exchange ideas and information, and benefit from the experience of others. It's easy to connect with other members - try starting or joining a conversation in the forums or posting your thoughts in a review. Many users also learn valuable insights and tips from our articles and the success stories of other members. Please share your own expertise by participating regularly in all areas of the community. Contributions and members that are rated by the community as the most helpful may be prominently featured across the site.

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          CorpCons08 Ranger

          Based on the description, it states that this community is for the exchange of ideas and information. It is a site designed for business owners to share information on starting, growing, developing, etc. Nowhere in the description does it say that this is a classifieds forum for posting advertisements, etc. This community has been successfully running since 2007, in which veteran business owners have been aiding entrepreneurs in gaining information they need to become successful business owners of the future.



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              Mad Hatter Coffee Wayfarer

              I guess i am so frustrated and confused for 2 reasons...1) In the main forums screen there is a box that lists the forum caregory and the actual forum below that. I chose the BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY category and the HOME BASED BUSINESS forum. This led me to believe that this was an area where you could tell about your own home based business that you became involved in and let folks now how they could find out more info on it. 2) There are a number of "discussions" in this list directing people to buy their book. And even better "discussion" acually advertising their business of selling Vacation and Travel packages. If you cant advertise then why are these posts still up.