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    I am seeking 10K loan for a feature film with Oscar potential.

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      I grew up in Montana and moved to NYC 7 years ago. I have been producing film & commercials ever since I came here. I have become highly successful at producing high quality products at a fraction of the cost and I have many strong relationships in the industry. Around 2 years ago, I began my own production company with the intent of producing feature films, much like those put out by companies like Pixar. I have no intent of mediocrity or doing anything that has been done before and I'd rather focus on 1 film a year that is perfect than 20 films that are average at best.


      My business partner and I have been developing a film for the past year that has some amazing potential. We have attracted an amazing cast, we have a crew working on the creatives that has received several Oscar nominations, and we are shooting this film in Montana, where I grew up, to cut costs in half. When we are finished, we will have an amazing product that will be the next big indepedent hit, and will be very lucrative for its investors. It will also launch our company.


      For the past 4 months, my partners and I have been focused on finding funds for this project, which is a 2.5M film. (very low in Hollywood's standards). We have a very strong business plan, and all of the development of the project has been completed. We are ready to greenlight the project upon our allocation of the funds.


      We have successfully located several financing sources, and have attracted the interest of an investment bank that will be financing a minimum of 80% of the project to greenlight it by January 1. We are already in contracts with this bank, and have hit a minor speedbump- we need to pay for the PPM! We are seeking a minimum of 12K as soon as possible so that we may complete this document and officially accept the 2M that we have a commitment for. We have successfully raised funds to get the legal & development this far, but do not have enough funds remaining to cover this. We are willing to take this capital as an investment in the film (with a 15% ROI) OR as a loan, which will be the first moneys paid back out of the $2M once the funds are available, (which contractually will be no later than December 15th of this year).


      We really need to have these funds by next week, and unfortunately, this is the company's first venture financially so we have really no business credit established. My personal credit is less than perfect, so I do not qualify for bank loans. I welcome any advice and help you can offer and will be more than willing to share links to the project & my company privately.